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  1. Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Eric Ries, Author - The Lean Startup: Debunking Myths of Entrepreneurship

    A startup is not a "doll house" version of a larger enterprise. It’s a human institution trying to start something new under extreme conditions of uncertainty, says author Eric Ries. It’s not that some founders have better ideas than others, and this is what dictates success. What differentiates a successfully launched enterprise is one who can unearth the best ideas under duress - those who can find "the pivot"- the point of reinvention when they realize that their original ideas need retooling. And, more critically, that they can find their market before they run out of money.

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  2. Customers Hate Your Product? Try This Lean Startup Technique And They’ll Love it. – With Eric Ries

    If you’re reading Mixergy, I know you routinely work hours that most people don’t know exist. Imagine if you spent all that time building your business–plus risked your money–and customers hated what you built. Want to learn how to protect yourself from that devastation? In this program Eric Ries teaches you the lean startup ideas that saved his business when customers hated his product.

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