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  1. Doejo: Do As Many Things As You Love – with Philip Tadros | Business Tips

    Why should you limit yourself? says Philip Tadros, founder of Doejo.

    I bet you’ll have a hard time keeping up with all the different projects he’s taken on. He owns coffee shops. Does design for companies like Groupon. Creates his own software products.

    How does he do it? That’s what I set out to find out in this interview.

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  2. How A Musician Built A $22 Million Dollar Business From His Home. –The Derek Sivers Interview | Business Tips

    Derek Sivers created CD Baby because he needed a way to sell his music online. Soon other musicians asked him to help them sell their music. A few years later, he found himself helping over 100,000 artists sell their music. He recently sold his company for $22 million.

    He’s now running a new company, but he’s always willing to help startups. So I called him up and asked him to teach us. Here’s some of what I learned. (Download the interview to learn more.)

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  3. How A Husband And Wife Built Common Craft, A Company That Sells Explanations – with Lee LeFever | Mixergy - Online Business Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

    Lee LeFever had a talent for explaining tough concepts, so he built a company that makes and sells explainer videos. Common Craft, the business he founded and runs with his wife, has been used by companies like Google and Twitter to help potential customers understand their new products. I invited him to Mixergy because I’m fascinated by how companies make money by selling content in a world where…

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  4. How Answering “So What?” Will Increase Your Site’s Engagement – With Mark Magnacca | Case Studies & Business Tips

    I invited Mark Magnacca to Mixergy for a second time so he could go into more depth about the ideas behind his book “So What?” and show us they’d apply to web sites.

    To help illustrate his message, he put together a series of slides and gave feedback on Mixergy viewer’s web sites. (You can download the deck below.)

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  5. How An Introvert Turned Himself Into A Selling Machine – with Todd Smith | Case Studies & Business Tips

    Even though he was an introvert, Todd Smith HAD to learn to sell. My wife got pregnant before we got married, he said in this interview. We were living in a 600 square foot apartment. Every time we’d pay bills, we’d get in a fight because the pressure was so great. In this interview, you’ll hear how turned it all around.

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  6. Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Randy Komisar, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers - Getting to Plan B (Entire Talk)

    While Plan A may begin the backbone on which an entrepreneurial idea is hinged, succinct data gathering and constant market evaluation more often lead to profit with the next idea in line. The tech sector breeds innovation, says KPCB partner and frequent speaker Randy Komisar, and to do so it is required to accept the numerous fits and starts of the start-up.

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