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  1. Try Making Yourself More Interesting [SxSW 2009]

    There are no cheat codes for community. No Charles Atlas shortcuts to make your pet project the one to rule them all. Want people to think you’re awesome? Be awesome. This panel promises a bullshit-free look at how you might tune out the jibber jabber, tune in to those who matter, put your head down and make your online service a little bit more epic each day. We’ll dissect Bike Hugger, Photojojo, Metafilter, and other examples of Web charm for what you can do. Today, and tomorrow. And the day after. Which is how you will become what you want to be.

    DL Byron, Bike Hugger Amit Gupta, Photojojo Brian Oberkirch, Small Good Thing Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic


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  2. Brian Oberkirch interviews Jyri Engeström

    I used to do these audio interviews. I’d get excited about stuff someone was writing or talking about, and then beg them to talk with me a bit. Mostly, they did. I would record it and post it up with a little podcasting tool we were working on then. It was all good. Then things happened, and I fell way out of the habit of doing and posting interviews. Some of you were kind enough to ask me to do more. So, let’s try it again. I have a few interviews from the archives I’m going to post, and then I’ll try to keep them up as the new year starts.

    The first one I’ll post is with one of my social design heroes, Jyri Engeström. It’s from a year ago, right when he had sold Jaiku and started to work at Google. He just wrote a recap of what he’s been up to in the past year. (A lot.) This is one of his posts that really turned me around on how I think about sociality on the Web. Here is his collection of slides at Slideshare. Here is video from one of his talks. In the interview, we talk a lot about his thinking on social objects, and how that helped him make certain decisions when it came to Jaiku. He’s a good teacher, so his answers include a lot of clear steps and examples.

    You can download the interview. It’s about 42 minutes long, and is a 19 MB mp3 file. Enjoy.

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