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  1. Screw Outside Funding. Keep Your Startup Simple And Keep Control – The Amit Gupta Interview

    Are you sure you want to spend time pursuing outside funding?

    Amit Gupta has had it both ways. Today he’s running PhotoJoJo, a “lifestyle business” that doesn’t need outside funding and kicks off real profits. But before that, he ran The Daily Jolt, an angel funded company.

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  2. Try Making Yourself More Interesting [SxSW 2009]

    There are no cheat codes for community. No Charles Atlas shortcuts to make your pet project the one to rule them all. Want people to think you’re awesome? Be awesome. This panel promises a bullshit-free look at how you might tune out the jibber jabber, tune in to those who matter, put your head down and make your online service a little bit more epic each day. We’ll dissect Bike Hugger, Photojojo, Metafilter, and other examples of Web charm for what you can do. Today, and tomorrow. And the day after. Which is how you will become what you want to be.

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