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  1. BBC - Podcasts and Downloads - Outriders

    This week Jamillah talks to the creator of electronics for people with disabilities so they can use games consoles, a guy who tells stories in 3d online, a couple of chaps who created music using camera sounds and the creator of Dr Puppet - a web based animation linked to the 50th anniversary of Dr Who.


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  2. The Truth About Mental Health: 6/6 Hikikomori 05 Jul 13

    Claudia Hammond travels to Japan to investigate a condition known as hikikomori


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  3. BBC - Podcasts and Downloads - Start the Week

    Emily Maitlis discusses the digital future with Google head Eric Schmidt; data journalist James Ball; curator Honor Harger; and risk expert David Spiegelhalter.


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  4. The Feynman Variations 29 Sep 2010

    Brian Cox presents an archive tribute to Richard P Feynman. Widely regarded as the finest physicist of his generation and the most influential since Einstein. With contributions from friends, colleagues, students and the great man himself.


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  5. Adam Gopnik on 3-D sound studies

    This week in the magazine, Adam Gopnik tries to unravel the science behind our love of music. Here Gopnik talks with managing editor Amelia Lester about how different his own early experiences with music were from those of his children, and why the shift from vinyl and hi-fi to MP3s and earbuds isnt such a bad thing. Also, an epic out-of-office message from S.N.L. writer Colin Jost.

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  6. The ups and downs of iTunes 11 | Macworld

    Macworld’s Ask The iTunes Guy Kirk McElhearn joins podcast host Chris Breen to discuss Kirk’s experiences with iTunes 11.


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  7. Listen to Alain de Botton Atheism 2.0

    podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics…


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  8. Test

    Fri nedladdning och prenumeration på Sveriges Radios över 60 program i poddradion. Ladda ner ditt favorit podradio sändning


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  9. BBC - Podcasts - Secret History of Social Networking - Friends in High Places

    Rory Cellan-Jones tells the story of the social networking scramble of the early 2000s and finds out how Facebook emerged to become world’s biggest social network. Facebook wasn’t the first site of its kind - other businesses had a lot in common with Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts - but its simplicity and the single-minded focus of its CEO gave it an advantage over the competition. With big growth has come big controversy, over privacy, security, and targeted advertising. Rory finds out that some people are becoming more wary about what they share online - could new networks spot a gap in the market and steal Facebook’s crown? Part 2 of 3.

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  10. New from the Prodigy “Invaders must die”

    From http://www.eclectro.nl/2008-11-26-download-de-nieuwe-single-van-the-prodigy

    Not sure about this yet… sounds a lot like a lot of other things.

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