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  1. Sigourney Weaver on Alien: Isolation, horror and computer games – Tech Weekly podcast

    This week Guardian games editor Keith Stuart takes over the pod to explore the recent release of a new generation of horror genre computer games.

    Keith is joined by Leigh Alexander, a writer on gaming and games culture, to discuss the evolution of horror games over the last two decades and more and why indie games makers are returning to the genre.

    Also we meet Dan Pinchbeck from the indie games studio The Chinese Room creators of the award winning Dear Esther and the soon-to-be-released Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Dan discusses the creative opportunities that the horror genre offers and why there is so much innovation in this area.

    Finally Keith meets actor and producer Sigourney Weaver ahead of the latest Alien game Alien: Isolation.

    Sigourney discusses her role in voicing the character of Ripley for this incarnation of Alien and why she thinks computer games are the ideal place for Alien characters to develop.

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  2. Spark 237: Connected Cars. Smart Homes. Solving the Password Problem. Playable Cities. Indie Tech.

    Pete Nowak on tech trends at CES. Matt Novak on retro CES. Bob Burrows on connected cars. Dan Misener and Anil Somayaji on solving the password problem. Clare Reddington on the playable city. Aral Balkan on indie tech.

    Will 2014 be the year of the indie tech revolution? Aral Balkan is an experience designer who says we’ll see a boom in indie tech this year: software and devices that offer great user experience and give you control of your data.


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  3. Brainy Gamer Podcast - Jonathan Blow - Episode 35, pt. 3

    This is the final installment in my series devoted to game designers and the design process. In this edition I talk with Jonathan Blow, creator of the highly-acclaimed Braid and a new game called The Witness, slated to appear next year. We discuss a wide array of topics, including the game community’s reaction to Braid and his goals for The Witness. Jon is refreshingly open about his discoveries and missteps in the ongoing development process of his new game. He also explains why he’s grown uncomfortable characterizing his projects as "art games." It’s a fascinating conversation, and I think you’ll…


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  4. Brey – Winterlich mix

    1 (Intro) – Woods by Bon Iver [Jagjaguwar] 2 – You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Going by How To Dress Well [Lefse Records] 3 – Brandy Alexander by Feist [Polydor] 4 – False Parent by Die Barbie Musik Kollektiv [CDR] 5 – German Haircut by Flying Lotus [Warp Records] 6 – Assise by Camille [Virgin] 7 – And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix) by Thom Yorke [XL Recordings] 8 – Over by Fantastic Mr Fox [Black Acre] 9 – Klaviewerk by James Blake [R&S Records] 10 – Chemtrails by Beck [XL Recordings] 11 (Outro) – Requiem Por Un Con (Bonus Beats) by Serge Gainsbourg [Le Smoke Disque]

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  5. Slava - Sunflower

    Moment Sound celebrates the release of "Sunflower", a diverse collection of songs from one of our primary founders, Slava. For the past several years Slava has been playing and organizing events throughout Chicago focusing on the advancement of live electronic music and art culture. Like his many performances, Sunflower spans a wide array of styles while maintaining a certain atonement that is uniquely "Slava".

    Beyond the use of complex harmonies and unpredictable yet familiar melody lines is an almost obsessive approach to texture and timing. This is what happens when you put a jazz-man on a beat machine. His coolness transcends the temporality of trend and the artistic result is well-rounded music. Simultaneously ingenious and humble, the overall sound of this release can be described as contemplative, ambient yet attention grabbing, aromatic. Stay tuned for more release and live recordings from Slava in the near future.


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  6. Hot Club de Paris - You Can Call Me Al

    Hot Club de Paris are a punk band from Liverpool and possibly the greatest band of all time. This is their excellent cover of Paul Simon’s excellent "You Can Call Me Al".

    (Via http://www.thepinglepad.com/)


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