American Icons: Fallingwater [Studio 360]

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    Just over 30 years ago, an Englishman named Christopher Alexander tried to revolutionize architecture. In A Pattern Language, Alexander told architects and planners to design homes on emotional and spiritual principles – not on traffic flow. The revolution didn’t quite come. But the book had a surprising influence on another group of experts: the computer scientists who were just beginning to shape the Internet. Produced by Lu Olkowski. (Originally aired: August 15, 2008)

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    Entrepreneur Architect explores concepts and strategies for success in business, leadership and life for architects and small architecture firms. Architecture, Business, Success, Entrepreneur, Architects, Education, Strategies, Professional Practice, "Business of Architecture"

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  3. Simon Thurley: English Architecture in the Post War Era

    The Second World War intensified and magnified debates that had been current amongst architects since 1914. It also marks a fault line in English architectural history. Architects, supported by politicians, decisively moved away from tradition and sought to create a new language of architecture. Some loved it, but unfortunately the public grew to hate it. This is a part of the lecture series, English Architecture: Into the Modern World. Simon Thurley’s four lectures complete his survey of English building from the Saxons to the present day. The theme is modernity and tradition. This is the story of how British architects struggled to find an architectural language that met the needs and aspirations of a society in a state of rapid change while negotiating deep and popular traditions and beliefs. Two World Wars shook the nation producing the seemingly contradictory

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    Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This…

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  5. Kengo Kuma podcast and image gallery - Architecture Programme - Royal Academy of Arts

    Celebrated Japanese architect Kengo Kuma delivered the Royal Academy’s 2008 Annual Architecture Lecture on 14 July. In recent years Kuma has designed a number of projects in Europe, including the Sake No Hana restaurant in London. Most of his work however remains in Asia. With their exquisite control of surface, which can be transparent, opaque, reflective, sliced or solid, his buildings offer different ways of appreciating their site and through that appreciation to engage in contemplation of ideas or objects within them. The Annual Architecture Lecture is proudly supported by John Robertson Architects and the Japanese Committee of Honour of the Royal Academy of Arts.,656,AR.html

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