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  1. The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

    The Internet Age: an era of unprecedented freedom in both communication and culture.

    However each major new medium, from telephone to satellite television, has crested a wave of similar idealistic optimism, before succumbing to the inevitable undertow of industrial consolidation. Every once free and open technology has, in time, become centralised and closed; a huge corporate power taking control of the 'master switch.'

    Today, as a similar struggle looms over the internet, increasingly the pipeline of all other media, the stakes have never been higher.

    Tim Wu is a Columbia Law professor, author, policy advocate, who first coined the phrase "net neutrality". He visits the RSA to deliver an essential review of information technology history and to share his unique insight into the next chapter of global communications.

    Speaker: Timothy Wu, Professor at Columbia Law School, policy advocate and author of The Master Switch (Atlantic Books, 2011).

    Chair: Tom Chatfield, author, tech and cultural commentator and game writer.

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  2. AwayFind: Get Out From Under The Minutia Of Business – with Jared Goralnick | Business Tips

    How do you increase your productivity so you could get more free time? That's what this interview is about. As the founder of SET Consulting, Jared Goralnick helped hundreds of companies make real productivity gains. After selling that business, he went on to launch, which lets you stop checking your inbox every 5 minutes but still allows urgent emails to find you quickly by pushing them right to you with alerts.


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  3. Bondeoffret - P1 Dokumentär | Sveriges Radio

    I dokumentären ”Bondeoffret” följer vi med Ulrika Hjalmarson Neideman till Island för att följa i Bobby Fischers sista fotspår. Vi möter den person som kanske stod schackgeniet närmast, hans isländske livvakt Sami Pålsson. Han stod vid Fischers sida under de två mest omtumlande skeendena i livet och fick uppleva ett stycke världshistoria. Det är en berättelse om det missförstådda geniet som gjorde sig ovän med en hel värld, som gång på gång hamnade mitt i världspolitikens hetta. I nödens stund tvingades han återvända till platsen för sitt livs största triumf, för att sedan sluta sitt liv i exil. Men det är också en historia om en ojämlik vänskap som sträcker sig över 35 år. Om kungen och bonden och hur de kom att spela en så avgörande roll i varandras liv.

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  4. The Information

    Acclaimed journalist, author and biographer James Gleick visits the RSA to tell the story of how information became the modern era’s defining quality - the blood, the fuel, the vital principle of our world.

    From the invention of scripts and alphabets to the long misunderstood “talking drums” of Africa, James Gleick shows how information technologies changed the very nature of human consciousness.

    Providing portraits of key figures including Charles Babbage, Ada Byron, Alan Turing and Claude Shannon, Gleick traces the inexorable development of our modern understanding of information to our present moment, when so often we feel we are drowning in a deluge of signs and signals, news and images, blogs and tweets.

    Join James Gleick at the RSA to discover how we got here and where we are heading.

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  5. How Two Guys In A Tiny Studio Home Launched A $4.5 Mil (Annual Sales) Radio Parts Web Site – with Sean Harper | Mixergy - For ambitious upstarts and startups

    Sean Harper discovered his business idea when went looking for a satellite radio antenna at electronic stores and couldn't find it. That's when he and his friend said, “Well, all right, maybe we'll just start selling antennas, and launched their company, TSS-Radio. In this interview, you'll hear how they started running the business from a tiny home which could barely hold all the products they had for sale and how they took that business to over $4.5 million in annual sales.


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