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  1. Mike Krieger on why gold and silver prices are headed much higher

    Mike Krieger, founder of the Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, talks to GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod. They discuss Krieger’s Wall Street past, the end of the gold and silver consolidations, and the importance of political reform in America and elsewhere.


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  2. Keith Fitz-Gerald: The Perils of Underestimating Complexity & Mispricing Risk | Peak Prosperity

    "If you’re rich you get a bailout. If you’re poor you get a handout. And if you’re middle class you get left out. " That’s not a sustainable way to run the system, exclaims investment strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald.A cancer at the core of our current economy is the magical thinking, "no pain, all gain"


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  3. David Stockman: Blame The Fed! - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    David Stockman, former US Representative and Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Reagan, does not mince words. He sees the monetary systems of the world coming apart. How did we get here? He identifies the root cause as the intentional


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  4. Rob Hopkins: Making The Red Pill Taste Good - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    Rob Hopkins is a true pioneer of the movement to intelligently prepare and adapt society for entering a post-Peak Oil future. His brainchild, Transition Towns, has been one of the most successful initiative to-date in inspiring hundreds of cities, towns


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  5. Joel Salatin: How to Prepare for A Future Increasingly Defined By Localized Food & Energy - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    Joel Salatin, proprietor of Polyface Farms and highly-visible champion of sustainable farming, thinks modern humans have become so far removed from a natural connection to the food they eat, that we no longer have a true understanding of what


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  6. Charles Hugh Smith: Why Local Enterprise Is The Solution - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    A growing number of individuals believe our economic and societal status quo is defined by unsustainable addiction to cheap oil and ever increasing debt. With that viewpoint, it’s hard not to see a hard takedown of our national standard of


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  7. Nate Hagens: We're Not Facing A Shortage of Energy, But A Longage of Expectations - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    This week’s interview is one of the most important discussions we’ve had to-date on energy, its supply/demand dynamics, and the tremendous impact it has on our economic and social identity. It is clear now that we are staring at a future of declining


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  8. David Morgan on Silver Price Manipulation, Delivery Default & Supply Shortage Risks - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    “I have little doubt that most of the silver that is on the SLV’s web site with a bar number is there somewhere. But what I am really concerned about is if it is hypothecated or not, meaning is there more than one owner on that same bar. And I can


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  9. James Turk: Gold Is Our Defense Against the Fiat Currency Graveyard - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    “The rule of law has basically been thrown out the window. Money printing is the order of the day. And when politicians take control of central banks, which they have done in the United States and they are also doing in Europe, that basically destroys


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  10. Eric Sprott - Paper Markets Are A Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go Supernova - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    "I think that the prices will continue higher. I mean the amount of money printing is unbelievable. I just think you have to take that initial stand in terms of buying it. I use the James Turk analogy: just keep dollar averaging. We have gone up


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