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  1. Show 165: JHK

    Author and commentator James Howard Kunstler joins the podcast this week to talk about the economy, Federal Reserve interventions and the impact to local communities. Jim also provides an update on his new book, the third installment of the World Made by Hand series. The book, A History of the Future, is scheduled for a September 2014 release.

    You can follow Jim, read his blog and find all of his books on his website at Kunstler.com.

    Show 165: JHK


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  2. Charles High Smith – Acquire New Skills Or Become a Furniture Mover « Financial Survival Network

    Charles Hugh Smith and I discussed the increasing knowledge gap in America. If you aren’t in a position to make connections and network with people who can help you get ahead, then you must increase you skill set. In previous eras you could only acquire those skills in college. Now, however, you can find them on the internet in numerous places. In fact, a college degree could be completely worthless, whereas an online course could be your ticket to great success.

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  3. » KunstlerCast #330: A Conversation with Charles Hugh Smith The KunstlerCast

    JHK chats with Charles Hugh Smith of the blog OfTwoMinds.com. Charles is also the author of many books, most lately “Why Things Are Falling Apart — And What We Can Do About It.” Charles describes it: “…Things are falling apart–that is obvious. But why are they falling apart? The reasons are complex and global. Our economy and society have structural problems that cannot be solved by adding debt to debt. We are becoming poorer, not just from financial over-reach, but from fundamental forces that are not easy to identify or understand.”

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  4. Episode #155 – The Power of Negative Action – Optionality, Convexity, and Anitfragility

    Dan and Ian are coming at you this week after some intense reflection and mindset shifts.  This episode is all about the power of negative action and leveraging the inevitable changes in the world as


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  5. LIVE from the NYPL: NASSIM TALEB & DANIEL KAHNEMAN | The New York Public Library

    How do we — as individuals and as communities — make decisions when faced with uncertainty, inexperience, lack of knowledge or chaos? Nassim N. Taleb and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman have both devoted their careers to explorations of the decision making process: Kahneman approaching it through psychological study; Taleb through a philosophical lens. Their groundbreaking work has profoundly impacted our understanding of the decision making process today while raising new questions about how decisions are made in a world that is increasingly more difficult to comprehend.

    Nassim N. Taleb is a former derivatives trader who became a scholar and philosophical essayist in 2006. Although he is currently Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University’s Polytechnic Institute, he self-funds his research and operates in the manner of independent scholars. Taleb is the author of The Black Swan (2007–2010) and Antifragile (2012). His work focuses on decision making under uncertainty, as well as technical and philosophical problems with probability and metaprobability; in other words, "what to do in a world we don't understand."

    Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize laureate and the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology and Professor of Public Affairs Emeritus at Princeton University, and a founding partner of The Greatest Good, a consulting firm. Over a wide-ranging research career he has been involved in many fields of psychology, ranging from vision and attention to the study of juror behavior and the measurement of well-being. He is best known for his contributions, with his late colleague Amos Tversky, to the psychology of judgment and decision making, which inspired the development of behavioral economics. This work earned Kahneman the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002. Kahneman’s recent book Thinking, Fast and Slow is a best-seller in several countries.

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  6. Mike Krieger on why gold and silver prices are headed much higher

    Mike Krieger, founder of the Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, talks to GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod. They discuss Krieger’s Wall Street past, the end of the gold and silver consolidations, and the importance of political reform in America and elsewhere.


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  7. Keith Fitz-Gerald: The Perils of Underestimating Complexity & Mispricing Risk | Peak Prosperity

    "If you’re rich you get a bailout. If you’re poor you get a handout. And if you’re middle class you get left out. " That's not a sustainable way to run the system, exclaims investment strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald.A cancer at the core of our current economy is the magical thinking, "no pain, all gain"


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