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  1. Rodeohead

    All of the Radiohead covers being huffduffed lately reminded me of the greatest medley of covers ever: it’s Radiohead done in a bluegrass style. At first I found it funny but then I realised it’s also pretty darn great. You may never be able to listen to the originals in quite the same way again.

    —Huffduffed by pip

  2. The state of the art

    "As one of the centrepieces of the current SciFi season across BBC Radio, Radio 4 put out this dramatisation of one of Iain M. Banks‘ rare short pieces: The State of the Art. It’s a rare example of outright humour in Banks’ work, which is usually darker in his non-M fiction, and more oblique in his Science Fiction (see this excellent list of Ship Names in the Culture). It’s 1977, and a Culture ship visits earth to survey it. Enjoy." via speechification

    —Huffduffed by pip