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  1. CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along? - The Big Web Show - Mule Radio Syndicate

    The Big Web Show

    Episode 110

    February 4, 2014


    CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    with Nicole Sullivan

    Running CSS Conf, building scalable systems that won’t break, designing for speed and performance, learning Ruby, Object Oriented CSS, a CSS Style Guide, Type-o-matic, practical takeaways from stunt CSS, pairing as a work method, sexism and racism tests, and setting aside biases when selecting conference sessions.

    Sponsored by

    Typekit: Bringing beautiful type to the web since 2009.

    Websites we mention:

    CSSConf 2014

    Object-oriented CSS


    Pivotal Web Services


    stubbornella (Nicole Sullivan)



    Nicole Sullivan

    An Event Apart Speaker Profile: Nicole Sullivan


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  2. Margaret Atwood on Science Fiction, Dystopias, and Intestinal Parasites | Underwire | Wired.com

    In the latest episode of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Margaret Atwood explains how to invent your own religion, reveals which dystopian future she fears most, and discusses her new novel MaddAddam.


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