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  1. Audioboo / James Burke predicted the future in 1973. Now he does it again.

    Forty years ago for Radio Times, the scientist and broadcaster James Burke predicted events in 1993. He got a lot right. So we asked him in to PM this afternoon to predict the future. The sound begins with an actor reading from the original article, written by Tony Peagam.’ name=’description


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  2. The state of the art

    "As one of the centrepieces of the current SciFi season across BBC Radio, Radio 4 put out this dramatisation of one of Iain M. Banks‘ rare short pieces: The State of the Art. It’s a rare example of outright humour in Banks’ work, which is usually darker in his non-M fiction, and more oblique in his Science Fiction (see this excellent list of Ship Names in the Culture). It’s 1977, and a Culture ship visits earth to survey it. Enjoy." via speechification

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  3. Remember, Remember

    Psychologist Susan Blackmore investigates how we are outsourcing the memory of our lives to digital devices and asks whether that is changing the nature of human memory. She hears from a ‘lifelogger’ who is recording every detail of his daily life - and from an academic who has taped 220,000 hours of audio and video of his infant son. She asks whether we will all end up doing the same and how this will affect the way we remember our own lives.

    From http://speechification.com/2008/10/18/remember-remember/

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