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  1. The Most Human Human: A Defence of Humanity in the Age of the Computer

    Author Brian Christian will talk on the subject of his debut book The Most Human Human a superbly engaging re-evaluation of what it means to be human in the light of breathtaking advances in artificial intelligence.

    Brian Christian is an Author and Poet. He holds a dual degree in computer science and philosophy and an MFA in poetry.


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  2. Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 2

    By Arthur C Clarke, dramatised by Mike Walker.

    What is the secret at the heart of the space object known as Rama and why, years after the event, has Commander William Norton never spoken about what he found there?

    Episode 1: http://huffduffer.com/adactio/3213

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  3. Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 1

    Mike Walker’s dramatisation of the novel by Arthur C Clarke, set in the 22nd Century.

    When the mysterious space object known as Rama appears in the solar system, the crew of the SV Endeavour are sent to investigate.

    Episode 2: http://huffduffer.com/adactio/3418

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