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  1. What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #201

    Date: 2019-03-10

    Topics: Evil is more powerful than Good on Earth, the Human Condition is Slavery, the Law of Freedom, how most people see Good and Evil vs. what these conditions actually ARE, Natural Law Expressions, Love vs. Fear, the relationship between Human Consciousness and the Expressions of Natural Law, Entropy vs. Syntropy, how Dark Occultists control Human perception by controlling available information, how much easier it is to turn people toward the service and goals of Evil than toward the service and goals of Good because of their colossal ignorance, Ignorance is the root of all Evil, all human beings within Government are Bad People and so are those who condone Government, Nescience vs. Ignorance, the Truth is not really hidden, Humanity is in the time of cosmic Judgement, what does it mean to be a truly Good Person, the Objective difference between Right behavior and Wrong behavior, Moral Relativism is the Destroyer of ALL Freedom, Internal contradictions within Human Consciousness, most human beings are not truly Good People, Intention is ultimate meaningless and Action is ultimately all-important, the endless excuses people make for not learning Objective Morality and doing the Great Work, Complicity in Evil through Silence, Complicity in Evil through Cowardice, the Generativ…

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  2. Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil (Full Audiobook)

    Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche, full audiobook.

    First published in 1886 at Nietzsche’s own expense, Beyond Good and Evil was not initially considered important. In it, Nietzsche denounced what he considered to be the moral vacuity of 19th century thinkers. He attacked philosophers for what he considered to be their lack of critical sense and their blind acceptance of Christian premises in their considerations of morality and values. Beyond Good and Evil is a comprehensive overview of Nietzsche’s mature philosophy.

    Summary of Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche adapted from Wikipedia.

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  3. Would we be better off without religion? - UpFront

    Is religion a force for good or evil? A controversial question at times, but one that can’t be avoided in the modern world. From violence and terror, to gender equality, to science, reason, and education, the faithful and the faithless tend to repeatedly clash over whether religion is a net positive or negative, whether it helps humanity more than it hurts it.

    “Religion is both a force of good and evil because religion is a manmade institution, and human beings are both good and evil,” says Reza Aslan, a scholar of religion and best-selling author. “I don’t know why it would come as a surprise to learn that the religious institutions that we create can also be responsible for profound acts of good and compassion and positivity, and for equally profound acts of violence and bigotry and hatred.”

    Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist and atheist, says religious institutions tend to be harmful to people.

    “Religious institutions have not only usurped the notion of morality, but on the whole promulgate ideas that are not useful, and often harmful for people, and take many people, many, many, many people, who simply want to ask questions about the universe and make them feel bad,” says Krauss.

    When asked whether people will outgrow religion, Aslan, who just released his latest book God: A Human …

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    Evil, says Harvard psychologist and evolutionary biologist Marc D. Hauser, evolved, and emerges in daily life, as an accident of our brain’s engineering. Unlike any other creature, present or past, only we combine processes of the mind that have independent and highly adaptive consequences for survival to create the ingredients of evil. When our desire for personal gain combines with our capacity for denial, we turn to excessive harms, aimed at eliminating, effacing, humiliating, and obliterating those who stand in the way.

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  5. Suffering: If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?

    In the midst of evil and suffering, abandoning your faith will neither help you handle suffering nor understand God. By looking back to Jesus’ death on the cross and looking ahead to the hope of a new heavens and new earth, we can understand God’s overwhelming love for us and the promise that victory will swallow up evil and death.

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  6. Dr. Stephen Law AMA - Problem of Evil and More!

    AMA with Dr. Stephen Law Topics: Philosophy of Religion, Problem of Evil, Philosophy and Society

    00:00:00 In the beginning 00:00:54 Dr. Law’s Introduction 00:03:42 Philosophy for the Average Person, Children 00:11:11 Dr. Law on Christian Apologetics 00:12:52 Problem of Evil - Logical and Evidential 00:18:04 Evil as a proof of God 00:24:53 Evil God deduced from Evil 00:31:04 What is a Theodicy? 00:34:42 The Paradox of Theodicy 00:39:25 Skeptical Theism 00:49:09 Skeptical Theism problems - Pandora’s Box 00:56:21 Antitheism 01:02:00 Euthyphro Dilemma 01:07:07 Moral Relativism 01:13:55 Recommendations on literature supporting atheism 01:16:13 Definitions of atheism and agnosticism 01:18:19 Best argument for atheism 01:19:51 Best argument for theism 01:26:01 Promotion of Work done by Dr. Law

    The Complete Philosophy Files by Stephen Law

    Dr. Law’s books on Amazon:…

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