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  1. KQED Forum / Rebroadcast: Physicist Richard Muller on the Nature of ‘Now’

    The concept of now has challenged philosophers and physicists for thousands of years. Even Albert Einstein is said to have thought that “now” was outside the realm of scientific understanding. But in his new book, “Now: The Physics of Time,” UC Berkeley physicist Richard Muller says that much has changed since Einstein’s era and that the world is now capable of conquering the concepts of time and now. Muller argues that time, like the universe, is expanding, and what people experience as “now” is really the edge of newly-forming time. Muller joins Forum to discuss the nature of “now” and to explain why we perceive time the way we do.

    Guests: Richard Muller, professor of physics, UC Berkeley; author, "Now: The Physics of Time" and "Physics for Future Presidents"


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  2. KQED Forum / Rebroadcast: How to Find the Elusive ‘Sweet Spot’ of High Productivity and Low Stress

    Complaining about being busy has become a badge of honor in this age of compulsive multitasking. But doing too many things at the same time has been shown to hurt productivity and mental health. In her new book “The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work,” UC Berkeley sociologist Christine Carter outlines how adopting micro-habits and strategically saying “no” can decrease stress and increase efficiency.

    Guests: Christine Carter, senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and author of the new book "The Sweet Spot"


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  3. Maciej Ceglowski - Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People (Keynote)

    Talk given at WebCamp Zagreb 2016.

    KEYNOTE A skeptical view on the seductive, apocalyptic beliefs that prevent people in tech from really working to make a difference. Apocalyptic ideas have traditionally been the province of religion, but nerds have found a way to import them into the world of computer programming. These ideas are a cognitive hazard that preferentially infects smart people, making them useless for more practical work. Like other forms of religious obsession, fantasies of superintelligence prevent us from tackling problems in this life by convincing us to focus on the life to come. This talk is an attempt to vaccinate the next generation of developers against the seductive ideas of existential risk, superintelligence, and the charismatic religious figures who will try to eat their brains.

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  4. Bullseye With Jesse Thorn End of Year 2016 Comedy Special | Maximum Fun



    The Bullseye team has taken on the terrible task of finding the best of the best comedy albums and bringing them to you in a nice little end of year package. 2016 has been a rough year, so listen to some incredible comedians to celebrate making it through!

    Links have been provided below for all of the comedians you’ve heard on this episode.

    Kyle Kinane - Loose In ChicagoMatt Besser - Matt Besser Breaks The RecordColin Quinn - UnconstitutionalMaria Bamford - 20%Chris Garcia - Laughing and Crying at the Same TimeHari Kondabolu - Mainstream American ComicKamau Bell - Semi-Prominant NegroCameron Esposito - Marriage MaterialRhea Butcher - ButcherAparna Nancherla - Just PUtting It Out ThereJosh Gondleman - Physical WhisperBaron Vaughn - Blaxistential CrisisEmily Maya Mills - By A ThreadBrandie Posey - Opinion CaveTig Notaro - Boyish Girl Interrupted

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  5. The Incomparable | I Refuse To Call It a Prequel (Episode 331)

    Put on your Kyber crystal necklace, don a stylish white cape, and keep the Force with you! It’s time to break down “Rogue One,” the first big-budget live-action non-saga “Star Wars” film. We discuss how the film juggles its many characters and settings, the issues with reviving past film elements through CGI, the splendor of Darth Vader’s bachelor pad (and the weirdness of his bathroom), the unexpectedly spectacular space battle, the vacation plans of the Empire’s records division, the film’s strange disconnection with its teaser trailer, and a whole lot more.

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