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  1. net@night:

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  2. Can eBay Be Saved?

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  3. Boagworld #197

    "… This week on Boagworld: We examine ways to improve the conversion rate on your ecommerce site, review CSS Mastery 2nd Edition and take a look at Zen Coding."From

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  4. Getting started with ecommerce

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  5. 2010 Predictions for eCommerce with John from

    I was asked to guest on the eCom Experts show which is hosted by a great woman named Shawna Fennell. Keep up with som of the best ecommerce tips and tricks? The Ecom Experts will show you what you need to know to be a successful selling online.

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  6. Boagworld #191: Ecommerce Lies

    "On this week’s show: Marcus explains how podcasting and blogging can support your business and Paul exposes the top ecommerce lies."

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  7. SitePoint Podcast #76: Wicked WordPress Themes with Allan Cole and Jeffrey Way

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  8. Tom Morris: When is a dataset not a dataset?

    The hackday project that crowdsourced

    How many of the now 3241 datasets listed as part of are easy to open up and play with? How many are tables for computers to analyse, instead of PDF reports for people to read?

    The Hacks and Hackers Hackday filled a Channel 4 office with journalists and developers on the final Friday in January. Our aim was to tell new stories with open data. Attendees already had form - the BBC’s Open Secrets blogger Martin Rosenbaum, and data journalism teams from the Times, the Guardian, and the FT. Tom Loosemore judged our attempts in his role as head of hosts 4iP, alongside My Society boss Tom Steinberg. They awarded the prize to my team’s analysis of Tory candidates. But another project promised to shed light on public data in the UK.

    Tom Morris was part of a team that looked into the quality of Although advertises itself as a database of open datasets, many of the entries are actually PDF files. He built a prototype format checker that invites people to go through datasets and record the file format.

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  9. Web inventor discusses importance of open data

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a pretty important person when it comes to the 21st century. He pretty much invented the World Wide Web, and currently leads the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

    He’s also a big proponent of linked data — a concept that he says differs somewhat from open data.

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  10. Talking Open Data with Socrata’s Kevin Merritt

    Socrata CEO Kevin Merritt on Open Data: Merritt and host Adriel Hampton discuss open data principles, open standards and APIs, and how to use social principles to get more value out of government data.

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