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  1. Mac Power Users #485: WWDC and Interview with the Mac Pro Product Manager - Relay FM

    Stephen and David have boots on the ground in San Jose for WWDC 2019. In this episode, they interview Doug Brooks, the Apple Product Manager for the new Mac Pro. Afterward, David and Stephen share thoughts on the announcements and updates from WWDC.

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  2. 3: Jokey-Jokey Bang-Bang

    David Sparks and Casey Liss talk about being new and aspiring comics readers as adults. Moisés & John give them a varied pile of recommendations for adults that aren’t…adult. Writer/illustrator Terry Moore talks Rachel Rising.Comics aren’t just about guys in underwear punching each other. Find your own Kate Bishop, forsake your box of QVC Spawn, and discover your Coalition of Broken People. uncut Artist Edition Interview: #40 - Terry Moore - Scary Things in the ClosetThis episode’s Recommended Reading includes a ton more than the books listed below.SPONSORSTransporter: personal cloud storage that lives in your house. Use offer code ELECTRIC75 for 25% off Transporter Sync at FileTransporter.comSmile: Visit for details and a brief video introduction to the PDFPen family.Igloo: try an intranet that you’ll actually like using. It’s free for up to ten users, and affordable beyond that. Click here to support the show, and sign up for their free SXSW event on 3/12 from 3:30-6:30pmSHOWNOTESDavid "MacSparky" Sparks (Mac Power Users & MacSparky) is on Twitter and is Kate Bishop on the inside."Who the Hell is" Casey Liss (ATP & Fast Text) is on Twitter, ADN, and is working off his all-consuming Spawn fixation.Ant-Man is/was/will ever be three different people: Henry "Hank" Pym, Scott Lang, and "The Irredeemable" Eric O’Grady. Pym Particles are the new black.Hawkeye (vol.4 by Fraction/Aja/Wu) is great, but might be better experienced by new readers in TPB form.Saga is Saga, and Saga is great (and likewise better taste-tested in TPB form)."Friends of the show" Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey Save World is finally out, great, and fun!Locke & Key has finally completed its lengthy, suspenseful, and emotional, six-volume run. Use the Head Key and just stick it all in your brain at once.Sex Criminals surprised David, is one of my favorite comics on the racks, and despite being for adults only, isn’t a "boobie comic"…but it’s too hot for in-app purchase on iOS…except for in Apple’s own iBooks storefront.The Private Eye is the internet’s big Brian K Vaughn thing Moisés feels like no one is talking about, and it’s so, so great, digital-only-forever (seriously), DRM-free (yes), and pay-what-you-want-to-pay (yeah really).Subscribe to the Giant Size Channel (iTunes/RSS) for GS + Artist Editions + Test PatternsSubscribe to the ESN Master Feed (iTunes/RSS) for every show on the network

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