How to Focus to Change Your Brain | Huberman Lab Podcast #6

This episode introduces neuroplasticity—which is how our brain and nervous system learn and acquire new capabilities. I describe the differences between childhood and adult neuroplasticity, the chemicals involved and how anyone can increase their rate and depth of learning by leveraging the science of focus. I describe specific tools for increasing focus and learning. The next two episodes will cover the ideal protocols for specific types of learning and how to make learning new information more reflexive.

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Timestamps below. 00:00 Introduction 03:50 Plasticity: What Is it, & What Is It For? 06:30 Babies and Potato Bugs 08:00 Customizing Your Brain 08:50 Hard-Wired Versus Plastic Brains 10:25 Everything Changes At 25 12:29 Costello and Your Hearing 13:10 The New Neu…

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