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  1. Top Four #12: Star Wars Movies - Relay FM

    Tina and John Siracusa join Tiff and Marco to rank their favorite Star Wars movies. Even the prequels.

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  2. Disappear Here: Kent Rawlinson in conversation with Sam Jacob

    Bringing together material from the RIBA and Drawing Matter collections, the exhibition ‘Disappear Here’ (RIBA, 2 May – 7 Oct 2018) explores the history, application and implications of perspective, how it spans truth and illusion, linking the disciplines of art, architecture and mathematics. In this podcast series, curator and designer Sam Jacob discusses with various guests the exhibition’s material and themes.

    The first episode sees Sam joined by Kent Rawlinson, Head of Collections at RIBA, to discuss the process of research and curation, and the intentions behind the exhibition.

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  3. Clockwise #244: The Smooshing of Everything - Relay FM

    Live from WWDC at San Jose, California: Apple’s AR ambitions, tracking your Screen Time on iOS, mobile apps on the Mac, and Siri’s new Shortcuts.

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  4. Free Agents #48: Lousy With the Stink of Freedom, with Merlin Mann - Relay FM

    Relay FM | Free Agents #48: Lousy With the Stink of Freedom, with Merlin Mann

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  5. 218: No Accounting for Supertaste with Alex Cox

    Alex Cox, Sr. AV Producer at Cards Against Humanity and prolific podcaster,

    joins Brett to talk about mental health, discuss growing up with podcasts,

    and debate the future of humanity.

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  6. Mac Power Users #430: Catching up with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    Marco Arment Returns to Mac Power Users to discuss the state of the Mac, the iMac Pro, Apple’s laptops, Overcast, privacy, digital cameras and more.

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  7. 027 I Wonder if the President Tweeted Anything and Use a VPN with Max Temkin

    Max Temkin is a designer. Cards Against Humanity and rants on Do by Friday.

    You can read about how and why this podcast came to be here and subscribe here. You can also support this show and a great podcast network here.

    Any and all feedback is very welcome! You can reach me on Twitter or email at hello(at) Play in new window | Download


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    Favorite thing: Granddads POW eggbeater

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  8. Steven Deobald - Vipassana for Hackers

    Vipassana meditation has received a lot of press recently in new age spirituality and neuroscience circles. However, the mechanics of the meditation technique are rarely dissected. Books, articles, and presentations — particularly from modern neuroscience — usually focus on long term outcomes of meditation practice or high-level abstractions for describing human consciousness.

    In this talk, Steven attempts to create relatable contexts and analogues to describe these mechanics with the objective of making the material accessible, even for those who have never tried meditating before.

    The target audience is the broad categories of "hackers": anyone who loves to satisfy their curiosity by taking things apart, applying active skepticism to processes, and trying things for themselves.

    Original video:
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  9. Upgrade #189: Obsolescence Isn’t What It Used to Be - Relay FM

    Special Guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to discuss the weather, old speakers, Apple’s latest TV acquisition, the long slow fade of 32-bit Mac apps, and the arrival of a new version of his favorite iOS writing app.

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  10. The Ezra Klein Show - Vox

    The Ezra Klein Show gives you a chance to get inside the heads of the newsmakers and power players in politics and media. You can listen to it, and more Vox podcasts, here.

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