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  1. Benjamin H Bratton: An Update on The Stack

    After the preliminary course “From Bauhaus to Silicon Valley” last year, this summer projekt bauhaus revives the Bauhaus’s workshop structure in order to explore the emancipatory potential of technology, to question the idea of progress, and to formulate a critique of the present through design.

    projekt bauhaus Werkstatt Datatopia

    Benjamin H. Bratton: "The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s going on": An Update on The Stack

    Whither goes planetary-scale computation in this “new normal”? The rise of ethno-nationalist populism is a global phenomenon with global causes. Yet, in each case, locals either blame or congratulate themselves for their unique failures or accomplishments. From Manila to Milwaukee, we see the same voting patterns of urban, highly educated cosmopolitans versus rural, less educated monoculturalists wanting only to preserve their own national culture. Although globalization delinked sovereignty from geography in many capacities, we are still dealing with the vestiges of 18th-century phenomena at a time when city-states seem decisively detached from their national hosts. For those from “District 13” in our real-life Hunge…

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  3. Bradley Cantrell and Adam Mekies, “Codify: Parametric and Computational Design in Landscape Architecture” (Routledge, 2018) | New Books Network

    Landscape architecture has a long history of innovation in the areas of computation and media, particularly in how the discipline represents, analyses, and constructs complex systems. Bradley Cantrell and Adam Mekies‘ new book, Codify: Parametric and Computational Design in Landscape Architecture (Routledge, 2018), spans academic and professional projects to form…

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  4. Strong Songs: “Satisfied” from Hamilton

    A toast to the groom! To the bride! To knowing you’ll always regret the sacrifice you made for your sister! NOW ON PATREON Strong Songs now has a Patreon! If you liked this episode (or, you know, any of them), we hope you’ll consider supporting the show. Learn more here: NEVER BEEN SATISFIED Kirk takes an overdue dive into Lin-Manuel Miranda’s epic Broadway musical Hamilton, focusing on Renée Elise Goldsberry’s first act showstopper, "Satisfied." Regret tinges an otherwise joyous day as Angelica Schuyler remembers the night she met Alexander Hamilton, fell in love with him, and quickly realized they could never be together. It’s a heady mix of complex rhyme schemes, powerhouse vocals, and musical character motifs so densely interwoven that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Artist: Renée Elise Goldsberry, Lin-Manuel Miranda Album: Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording), 2015 Composed by: Lin-Manuel Miranda Listen/Buy: Apple Music |

    Amazon | Spotify ——— ALSO FEATURED: Tracks from The Hamilton Instrumentals, 2017 Listen/Buy: Apple Music |

    Amazon | Spotify ———————————— NEWSLETTER/MAILING LIST Sign up for Kirk’s mailing list to start getting monthly-ish newsletters with music recommendations, links, news, and extra thoughts on new Strong Songs episodes:

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  5. The Changelog #332: A UI framework without the framework featuring Rich Harris, JavaScript Journalist for The New York Times |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    Jerod and Adam talked with Rich Harris –a JavaScript Journalist on The New York Times Investigations team– about his magical disappearing UI framework called Svelte. We compare and contrast Svelte to React, how the framework is embedded in a component, build time vs. run time, scoping CSS to components, and CSS in Java…

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  6. Patrik Schumacher - Zaha Hadid Architects Design:ED podcast

    Listen to Patrik Schumacher - Zaha Hadid Architects and 31 other episodes by Design:ED. No signup or install required.

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  7. Patrik Schumacher on Parametric Design and the Early Days of Zaha Hadid Architects | ArchDaily

    Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This…

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  8. Episode three - fat activism with Liv Hall by The Bullsh*t Binary • A podcast on Anchor

    In the third episode, our dear friend and breathtaking spoken word poet Liv Hall talks to us about fat bodies and their (our) experiences. We discuss body positivity, medicalisation, discrimination, and, briefly, we address eating disorders. Please be aware of this and take care of yourselves first. You can find us on social media @bullsh_tbinary, we are on twitter and instagram. Thanks for listening!

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  9. The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2019

    Recorded in front of a live audience at The California Theater in San Jose on Tuesday, 4 June 2019, John Gruber is joined by Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak to discuss the news from WWDC 2019.

    Sponsored by: MacStadium — OmniFocus — Slack —

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  10. Mac Power Users #485: WWDC and Interview with the Mac Pro Product Manager - Relay FM

    Stephen and David have boots on the ground in San Jose for WWDC 2019. In this episode, they interview Doug Brooks, the Apple Product Manager for the new Mac Pro. Afterward, David and Stephen share thoughts on the announcements and updates from WWDC.

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