Lullabot Podcast 80: Top 40 Drupal Modules Revisited

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  1. Drupal Voices 39: Ben Finklea on SEO in Drupal

    Ben Finklea of Volacci talks about SEO in Drupal.

    Modules mentioned:

    * SEO Checklist
    * Page title
    * Global Redirect
    * Pathauto
    * Google Analytics
    * XML Sitemap module — Module status update
    * Open Calais

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  2. What Varnish Can and Can’t Do for Your Drupal Site with Dan Reif - Modules Unraveled Podcast | Modules Unraveled

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  3. Drupal Voices 197: Aaron Winborn on the Media module for Drupal 7 | Lullabot

    Aaron Winborn of Advomatic provides an update on the Media module for Drupal 7, which is being used to manage media files on Acquia’s Drupal Gardens sites. He talks about how the media module is one of the first modules to use the new File API and how it treats media uploads as field entities as well as the types of things that you can do with media in Drupal 7 that was not possible in Drupal 6.

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  4. 019 Randall Knutson and Drupal Apps - Modules Unraveled Podcast | Modules Unraveled

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  5. Why Headscape Chose Drupal with Ian Luckraft - Modules Unraveled Podcast | Modules Unraveled


    Before we jump into it, I want to get a little background on Headscape, so that people know where you’re coming from. What kind of sites do Headscape typically work on?

    How big is Headscape?

    What other technologies do you guys build with?

    What was the driving factor behind going open source?

    What’s your role at Headscape? What do you do day-to-day?

    Why Drupal

    Paul and Marcus mentioned on the Boagworld Podcast that Headscape has put out a couple of Drupal sites recently. Which ones are those?

    Since you guys aren’t a Drupal-only shop, why was Drupal the right choice for these projects?

    Are you contributing anything back to

    What problems have you encountered using Drupal?

    How did using Drupal make the development process easier or harder?

    Where do you guys host your sites?

    Questions from Twitter

    Ted Bowman

    What type of projects or project aspects will make you choose another system besides Drupal? What make you choose WP? Custom Coded?


    Could you ask if Ian sees wordpress as inferior / used for different types of projects than drupal.


    Why not use drupal for all projects and drop wordpress / custom builds


    Would be interested to know what drupal version they use and when they will consider 8 - 12 months or longer


    Would be interested to know about their development process from dev to live

    NodeSquirrel Ad

    Have you heard of/used NodeSquirrel?

    Use "StartToGrow" it’s a 12-month free upgrade from the Start plan to the Grow plan. So, using it means that the Grow plan will cost $5/month for the first year instead of $10. (10 GB storage on up to 5 sites)

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  6. Drupal Voices 115: Young Hahn on Features and the future of Context | Lullabot

    Young Hanh (aka yhahn) gives some insight into some of the modules that have allowed Development Seed to customize the user experience of their Open Atrium Drupal distribution.

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  7. Drupal Voices 15: Dave Cohen on Drupal for Facebook Knight Grant

    Dave Cohen talks about his suite of Facebook integration modules that he is working on for his grant proposal that received funding from the Knight Foundation.

    For more information: Drupal for Facebook module Drupal for Facebook site

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  8. Libsyn Podcast : Talking Drupal #144 - Redirects In episode #144 we talk about redirects, what are they, why are they important and how to implement them. Show Topics What is a redirect Most common needs for a redirect Redirects and SEO Why are redirects important Redirect Strategies Modules and tools Modules Redirect Module Global Redirect Resources Stephen’s iTerm2 configuration Module of the Week Menu Link Attributes This module allows you to add attributes to your menu links. D7 Version - Menu Attributes Hosts Stephen Cross - @stephencross Nic Laflin - @nicxvan

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  9. FLOSS Weekly 246: Pinto

    Pinto is a robust tool for creating custom CPAN-like repositories of Perl modules. You can fill your repository with any combination of private and public modules, and then build/test/install them using the standard tools (e.g. cpan, cpanm, cpanp). Since you control the repository, you’ll get exactly the same modules every time. Pinto also has some novel tools for tracking and managing changes, so you can upgrade modules with confidence and control.

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  10. 123 Planning Drupal Events with Bert Boerland and Imre Gmelig Meyling - Modules Unraveled Podcast | Modules Unraveled

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