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  1. Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast - Vitamin D for Covid, What’s the Catch? - DarkHorse Podcast Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin | Free Listening on Podbean App

    Bret Speaks with Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin on the subject of Vitamin D as a preventative measure for Covid. Find Bret Weinstein on Twitter: @BretWeinstein, and on Patreon. Please subscribe to this channel for more long form content like this, and subscribe to the clips channel @DarkHorse Podcast Clips for short clips of all our podcasts. DarkHorse merchandise now available at: Theme Music: Thank you to Martin Molin of Wintergatan for providing us the rights to use their excellent music.Timestamps:00:00 Welcome and introductions01:15 Vitamin D initial review in May 202003:40 VitaminDforAll letter Inference and randomized controlled trials11:05 Vitamin D toxicity13:08 Public health authorities are worse than incompetent15:07 Vitamin A and D toxicity19:17 Negative Brazil vitamin D study21:05 Positive studies on vitamin D23:00 Normal function of vitamin D25:20 Vitamin D from the sun and supplements29:07 Africa and sunshine30:21 MERS and seasonality31:30 Ecuador and sunshine33:03 Air pollution in Italy and Korea35:00 Brazil and vitamin D deficiency36:55 Jamaica and politically correct science39:46 Censorship from big tech43:26 Health disparities and funding47:14 Operation Warp Speed50:18 Pascal's wager52:02 Intelligent heroes and cognitive dissonance54:30 Financial incentives56:40 Pre-hormone D58:04 Vitamin D from food01:00:11 Avoiding colds and flu in winter season01:04:15 Australia lockdown01:05:10 Finland and food fortification01:05:54 Sweden and Somali refugees01:08:30 Recommended Daily Allowance01:10:44 Vitamin D and mechanism for COVID immunity01:15:00 Excusing doctors and "disproving" vitamin D in underpowered studies01:21:38 Fluvoxamine and monoclonal antibodies01:24:40 Emergency use authorization01:25:32 Reducing harm with vitamin D01:29:30 Zoonotic transmission and driving COVID extinct01:35:51 Influenza outbreaks and vaccines01:37:33 Not just vitamin D01:39:57 What distinguishes vitamin D01:42:00 Vitamin D, sun, and balance of risk01:46:23 3 recommendations01:47:47 Suspicion of public health authorities01:50:44 Debunking negative studies01:53:14 What does vitamin D expose01:57:40 Funding of journals and fact checkers01:59:25 Wrap upSupport the show (

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  2. YANSS 218 – How anxiety hides in our unhealthy habits, why you can’t think your way out of it, and science says you should do instead – You Are Not So Smart

    In this episode, Dr. Jud Brewer, a neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist, discusses the biological origins of anxiety and how to unwind our feedback loops using techniques derived from his lab's research. Since his last appearance on the show, Dr. Jud has written and published a book which is now a NYT bestseller titled Unwinding Anxiety:…

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  3. m009 Dr. Richard Volk – 21 Jahre als Deutscher in der US-Botschaft -

    Ich habe Dr. Richard Volk getroffen. Er war 21 Jahre lang Mitarbeiter im politischen Dienst der US-Botschaft in Bonn (später Berlin) und im Konsulat in Düsseldorf.

    Dabei hat er aufregende Zeiten miterlebt, von den Studentenprotesten der 68er, den kalten Krieg, die Teilung Berlins, Vietnam- und Irakkriege, 9/11 uvm. Dabei hat er viele heute namhafte Persönlichkeiten getroffen – Lindner, Schäuble, Schily, Merkel etc.

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  4. mit Michael Thier - Alte Schule - Die goldene Ära des Automobils - Podcast

    Der Benzintalk mit Menschen, die die Welt des Automobils geprägt haben. Ob Rennfahrer, Entwickler, Designer, Sammler oder Tuner – es gibt unzählige bunte Typen, die verrückte Geschichten erlebt und Beeindruckendes erreicht haben. Im Podcast "Alte Schule" erinnern sie sich und sprechen gemeinsam mit Moderator Karsten Arndt über diese Zeit.

    Auf langen Autofahrten, beim Sport, am Strand oder beim Warten darauf, dass euer Elektroauto endlich aufgeladen ist – hier hört ihr die besten Stories von Menschen, die das Auto geprägt haben. Jeden Donnerstag eine neue Folge!

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