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  1. Is Trump’s election campaign in trouble? - Please Explain -

    This morning, we woke to the news that US President Donald Trump admitted to deliberately downplaying the severity of the coronavirus early in the pandemic in explosive interviews with journalist Bob Woodward.

    In a February conversation with Woodward, Trump described the virus as “deadly stuff” despite publicly predicting it would miraculously disappear and favourably comparing it to the seasonal flu.

    So far, more than 190 000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States.

    In this episode, national editor Tory Maguire is joined by North American correspondent Matthew Knott to discuss how Trump’s election campaign is tracking during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  2. Interview with Pippin Williamson and Matt Danner on Restrict Content Pro Acquisition

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    In this interview, Pippin Williamson and Matt Danner discuss the acquisition of Restrict Content Pro by iThemes.

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  3. Will COVID-19 jeopardise Sydney’s Hamilton production? - Please Explain -

    Hamilton the Musical has won 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy, a Pulitzer Prize and has been seen by more than two million people on Broadway alone. From March next year, it’ll be our turn.

    Before the pandemic, NSW government modelling predicted Hamilton would bring more than 130,000 visitors to the state and generate over $84 million in visitor expenditure.

    Australian producer Michael Cassel has said the show cannot be staged unless able to play to a full house but ‘remains confident’ social distancing restrictions will have changed by opening night next year.

    In this episode, national editor Tory Maguire is joined by senior culture writer Nathanael Cooper to discuss how the production will fare in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  4. Genesis Community Livecast Episode 1: Mike Little, Anita Carter, and Sandee Jackson

    Episode 1 of the reboot of the Genesis Community Livecast featuring WordPress co-creator Mike Little, Genesis Shaper Anita Carter, and Genesis community leader Sandee Jackson as we discuss the contributions & challenges of the Black community within WordPress & Genesis.

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  5. Closed for business: the cost of Victoria’s lockdown - Please Explain -

    Non-essential retail stores in Melbourne will shut at midnight tonight as part of the city’s stage four COVID-19 lockdown. The move is expected to lead to 250,000 workers being stood down.

    The harsh measures have shattered hopes of a swift economic recovery, with independent modeling showing Victoria’s state government debt ballooning to $60 billion next year.

    In this episode, national editor Tory Maguire is joined by economics correspondent Jennifer Duke to discuss the ripple effect the Victorian lockdown is having on businesses.

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  6. The politics of the Queen’s birthday honours - Please Explain Daily -

    In this episode, senior journalist Jacqueline Maley and chief political correspondent David Crowe discuss the controversial Queen’s birthday honours awarded over the weekend.

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