Alec Watson is Making Technology Connections (Ep 79) – Chad & Steve Have a Podcast

Alec Watson is the creator behind Technology Connections, a YouTube channel started in 2014 that creates entertaining and educational videos about, well, just about anything.

Be it a kettle or coffee percolator, can opener, a DVD, a turn signal, or maybe contents of a lava lamp – Alec guides us through these banal subjects in a calm, collected manner – while sprinkling in just the right amount of humour and entertainment to make the learning enjoyable.

The videos are incredibly well produced and packed full of information that you never thought you actually needed to know, but by the end you’re sitting there like, wow, I learned something by watching a YouTube video.

And then you realize you’re not the only one watching and that Technology Connections has built an audience of over 1.7 million subscribers on the back of only 160 videos – and all of that adds up to almost 200,000,000 video views.

Technology Connections on YouTube: