Ethan Marcotte: A Dao of Flexibility - An Event Apart

The presentation that launched a thousand redesigns! From mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets, users are visiting your sites via an increasing array of devices and browsers. Android devices come in over 500 "standard" viewport sizes and don’t even agree what a "pixel" is. Are your web designs and applications ready for this challenging world of ever-shifting canvases and contexts? In this historic presentation, Ethan Marcotte, author of Responsive Web Design (A Book Apart, 2011), introduces responsive design at An Event Apart San Diego 2010. Using methods that involve fluid grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries, Ethan encourages designers to think beyond the desktop, and shows how to craft beautiful site layouts that anticipate and respond to your users’ needs. Founded by Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman, An Event Apart is the design conference for people who make websites. See for information about upcoming An Event Apart conference events plus workshops on mobile and responsive design. And watch this space for more extraordinary An Event Apart presentation videos.

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