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  1. Syed Balkhi on Awesome Motive acquiring Sandhills Development plugins

    The WordPress acquisition world was rocking this week. If this week were a heavyweight fight between Learn Dash and Sandhills Development, Pippin would certainly be the beloved veteran. You can hear more about his side of the story in this podcast interview. Today I got to sit down with Syed…

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  2. Pippin Williamson on Sandhills’ Acquisition, Emerging Threats and Opportunities — Post Status Draft

    Pippin Williamson, Founder and Managing Director of Sandhills Development, announced today that Awesome Motive has acquired his company — including their whole team and plugin portfolio: Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, Sugar Calendar, WP Simple Pay, and the Payouts Service. Syed Balkhi, Founder and CEO of Awesome Motive, noted the deal includes several free plugins as well. From the Sandhills leadership team, Chris Klosowski, Andrew Munro, and Phil Derksen will be joining Awesome Motive as partners, and Chris will continue to lead Easy Digital Downloads.

    Pippin, however, intends to take a very long break from WordPress and software development.

    Sitting down with Cory Miller for some reflection on the past and thoughts about the future in the WordPress space, Pippin offered advice to developers and product owners today. He also identified what he sees as the biggest threat emerging for WordPress today.

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  3. Underrepresented in Tech - Episode 22 - WordPress Community (Feat. Andrea Middleton)

    On this very special episode of Underrepresented in Tech, Michelle and Allie talk with Andrea Middleton who is in charge of community leadership in the WordPress open source project, employed by Automattic. We talk about community in WordPress, what it means to be a contributor, and whether or not age is a concern for new community members.

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  4. #15 Full site editing in WordPress 5.8 – WP Café

    WP Café

    #15 Full site editing in WordPress 5.8

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    Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 51m 45s | Recorded on 13 July 2021Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher

    With full site editing coming in WordPress 5.8, due for release later in July this year, we chatted to Fränk Klein all about what it is and what it offer to users and developers.


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    This episode is sponsored by JobRelay, the easiest way to integrate job multi-posting platforms such as Broadbean, LogicMelon and Idibu with WordPress.

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