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  1. Why You Should Doc Code with Write the Docs’ Eric Holscher & Marcia Riefer Johnston

    From OSCON 2015 in Portland, an interview with Write Up organizer Eric Holscher and author Marcia Riefer Johnston.

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  2. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #39: The Millenial Duo

    The Millenial Duo December 21, 2014 at 10:45AM • 54 minutes • Wiki Entry In this week’s meeting, Liz Furl and Sara Stewart of 5by5's LadyBits work through step ten by sharing how their whole lives revolve around their smartphones, their obsessive-compulsive behavior in managing their schedule with calendars, getting twitchy over e-mail, cheating at Instagram, their hatred of Pinterest despite the gender stereotype, and how blurred the lines are for them between online and "real life".

    In addition, we discuss how millenials use their phones differently than older generations, dealing with people who are unaware of simple technological solutions to their problems, how Google has ruined betting on trivial facts, whether or not certain mediums have a gender affinity, and the misconceptions the public has regarding the narcissistic relationship twenty-somethings have with technology.

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