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  1. John Scalzi - The Barnes & Noble Review

    The author of "Head On" joins B&N’s Jim Killen to talk about why he returned to the near-future world he created with "Lock In."

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  2. John Scalzi: Live at Politics and Prose

    John Scalzi shares his thoughts on aliens, star wars, and most importantly, burritos

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  3. Illustrator Mari Andrew

    The writer, illustrator, and Instragram sensation captures the feelings and comical complexities of millennials with insightful illustrations and essays in ‘Am I There Yet: The Loop-de-Loop, Zig-Zagging Journey to Adulthood.’

    This program took place on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

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  4. Longform Podcast #289: Craig Mod · Longform

    Craig Mod is a writer and photographer. His podcast is On Margins. “You pick up an iPad, you pick up an iPhone—what are you picking up? You’re picking up a chemical-driven casino that just plays on your most base desires for vanity and ego and our

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  5. Avoid Performance Management, Share Things, and Feedback

    Interview 2.0 with Michael Lopp (@rands), VP of Engineering at Slack. We chat about the dangers of

    Performance Management, Speaking Last, the Builder’s High, Front Page of Reddit, Biking Inspiration, Sharing Your Things, Phone Home Screen, some useful apps: 1Password, DarkSky & Wonderground, Strava, Bear App, MarkDown.

    Then we get into some Email vs Slack, Slack Tricks and thoughts on Slack for Social and as a knowledge base.

    Finally-Spoilers: Last Jedi & Blade Runner - GeekSpeak Podcast for 2018-04-10

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  6. Episode 4: @patrickrhone

    Jean talks with Patrick Rhone about web sites that link to interesting things, taking an online sabbatical, how he uses a microblog, and why all software sho…

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  7. Seth Godin: Do Bad Work — Transcript - Blinkist Magazine

    Read the transcript to the first episode of Season 2 of Simplify where Caitlin talks to marketing legend and all round good guy, Seth Godin.

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  8. #159 – The Final (Ultimate) Episode

    We’re at our final episode, the ultimate episode if you will. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting your questions for this rapid fire episode. So grab a coffee and listen as we dive into very important questions like "Is it better to be a dragon or have a pet dragon?".

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  9. Mind Food: How to Become More Creative and Successful (TPS Ep 107)

    You’ve probably heard the old adage, “you are what you eat,” but it applies to more than just your physical body – it applies to your mind as well. In this episode, Brooks and Mike talk about “mind food,” an idea Mike picked up from author Tim Sanders on the importance of curating what information you allow your mind to feed on. We discuss why it’s so important to watch what you’re putting into your mind, explain how the right information can change your world and help you achieve your ideal future, and share the most influential books and podcasts that we personally include in our own information diets.

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    volumeMind Food: How to Become More Creative and Successful by Watching What You “Eat” (TPS170)Share

    Leave a ReviewDownloadClammr ItGoogle PlayListen in a New WindowiTunesSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSGet Podcast UpdatesDo you want to get an email with shownotes each time a podcast goes live? Then let us know where to send the updates by entering your first name and email.Cheat SheetWhat mind food means and why we don’t think about this concept often [1:18]Why a lot of workers in today’s world are mental athletes and knowledge workers [5:15]How technology allows us to control who we are connecting with in our life [9:52]Why successful people read over 50 books a year, which is a great way to tune out the noise and tune into the signal [16:03]How to get out of a creative rut by collecting inputs from other places besides your own head [21:00]How to create a system for collecting good ideas [25:43]Different sources of mind food you can access [30:26]Our top ten books and podcasts that make great mind food [38:36]Top 10 Books#1 (Brooks): Patrick Lencioni The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team [39:45]#2 (Mike): Deep Work by Cal Newport [42:06]#3 (Brooks): Cal Newport So Good They Can’t Ignore You [42:52]#4 (Mike): Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill [44:46]#5 (Brooks): Ed Catmull Creativity Inc. [46:03]#6 (Mike): The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday [47:55]#7 (Brooks): Fay Wolf New Order [49:44]#8 (Mike): Essentialism by Greg McKeown [52:03]#9 (Brooks): Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen [53:12]#10 (Mike): Make Your Bed by Admiral William McRaven [54:23]Top 10 Podcasts#1 (Brooks): Hardcore History by Dan Carlin [55:57]#2 (Mike): 10x Talk w/ Joe Polish & Dan Sullivan [57:46]#3 (Brooks): The Tim Ferriss Show [59:37]#4 (Mike): Hurry Slowly by Jocelyn Glei [1:01:08]#5 (Brooks): The Economist – The Week Ahead [1:02:36]#6 (Mike): seanwes podcast by Sean McCabe [1:03:45]#7 (Brooks): Mac Power Users [1:05:30]#8 (Mike): The Art of Manliness [1:07:02]#9 (Brooks): Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin [1:08:21]#10 (Mike): Cortex [1:10:39]LinksIt’s All Too Much: 3 Keys to Overcoming Information Overload (TPS161)Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Tom CorleyA Primer to Quick Capturing for GTDAustin Kleon (Steal Like an Artist)Tim Sanders – Today We Are RichDrafts iOSnvALT Mac OSHow to Find Balance While Working in a Corporate Culture (TPS140)Essential Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze w/ Kevin Clack (TPS168)Overlap: A simple strategy for closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be w/ Sean McCabe (TPS163)The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleLeverage LeadershipMultipliersHappier with Gretchen RubinIf you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, PocketCast or your favorite podcast player. It’s easy, you’ll get new episodes automatically, and it also helps the show gain exposure. You can also leave a review! Here’s how.

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  10. #156 – A Career in Support

    This week, we’re talking about customer support career paths. We all agree that a career in customer support is worthwhile. But what does that look like?

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