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  1. The Complete Story of Destiny - [Timeline & Lore Explained]

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  2. The Turnaround: Terry Gross | Maximum Fun


    The Turnaround


    Terry Gross

    Jesse will be hosting an AMA on Reddit on Friday, August 11th at 12 pm PST to talk about what he’s learned from making The Turnaround. Visit to join in the conversation and ask Jesse anything you’d like.

    On the last episode of The Turnaround, Jesse talks to his all-time interviewing hero Terry Gross! For more than 30 years Terry’s hosted Fresh Air from WHYY in Philadelphia, conducting some of the most insightful, fascinating conversations you’ll likely ever hear.

    Being a radio interviewer came somewhat naturally to Terry. She tells Jesse she prefers the medium to television, where you’re expected to look or dress a certain kind of way, and where you can’t just disappear behind a microphone. She also goes into the nuts and bolts of how Fresh Air gets made, and why doing a recorded show allows her take risks that often make for wonderful, unexpected moments. They also talk about a not-so-wonderful moment: that infamous 2002 interview with Gene Simmons.

    Be sure to check out Terry’s amazing interviews on Fresh Air’s online archives.

    The Turnaround is a production of Maximum Fun in partnership with the Columbia Journalism Review. Visit their website to learn more about their "mission to encourage excellence in journalism in the service of a free society," and to read edited transcripts of our other Turnaround episodes.

    Hosted and created by Jesse Thorn

    Produced by Kara Hart and Nick Liao

    Senior Producer: Laura Swisher

    Managing Director:

    Bikram Chatterji

    Music for The Turnaround provided by Mobius Van ChocStraw.

    Special thanks to Kyle Pope and his team at CJR, Darrel Frost, and Emilie Erskine.

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  3. Fits + Starts: 18: Eventually it sucks less (with Merlin Mann)

    Merlin stops by to talk about finding a job that fits you, prototyping your future, and manufacturing care. Then we have a lot of rapid fire questions for him.

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  4. SPI 273: 7 Powerful Things That Can Happen as a Result of Starting a Podcast - The Smart Passive Income Blog

    Starting a podcast changed my life and my business. In this episode of the SPI Podcast, I walk you through seven ways a podcast can change your business.

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  5. Podcast 084 | Nonline

    In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua & Ryan speak with Patrick Rhone, author of Enough, in Minneapolis, and they answer the following questions:

    Is America’s consumerism more nefarious than that of other countries that therefore makes practicing minimalism even more crucial in the United States? Is it better to use up what you have, or is it better to sell it, donate it, or give it away? Should I hang onto the things I purchased for the person I want to become? Are there similarities between the principles of living in Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning and the principles of minimalism? Where should I draw the line with memorabilia? Is it possible for me to live a minimalist lifestyle while making a living selling other people things they don’t need?

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  6. Full-Time Podcasting with Aaron Mahnke, Host of Lore

    Aaron Mahnke went full time with his podcast after just 5 months of production with his award winning show, Lore. Now 2 years in he’s on the verge of releasing a TV series based on the project.

    While we may not all have TV shows in our future, we can learn from the simple ideas that Aaron used to chart his path. Stay tuned next week as we discuss the new inductees to the Podcast Hall of Fame!

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  7. The Bayles Exercise

    The Bayles Exercise Here is an excellent technique I learned from David Bayles that can be incredibly useful for finding a project in your images that you might not even know is buried there. The Bayles Exercise Audio MP3 run time 11:51 This podcast is also available via our RSS…

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  8. Zen Habits with Seth Godin

    Some of the topics discussed:

    Whether the new world of publishing is scary or not The clear, well-lit path that publishing has been taking for more than a decade How lack of scarcity has changed publishing forever The new role of publishing in the online world How not to wait to be picked How Seth’s Domino Project deals with unsolicited requests from authors How the Domino Project planned to transform everything about publishing How he eliminated cover images, shortened books, eliminated advances, and what he learned Whether collectible editions of books work well Spreading ideas through books, and how paid works vs. free The growing problem of people hating reading Whether you should publish how-to or cookbooks at all What types of books will sell well in the new landscape The problem of getting selected by the masses in the vast sea of millions of published books Why you don’t need that many followers/friends as an author Why the willingness to fail is so important, with so many options available to authors A future where everything that happens is your fault — and whether that’s good or bad The horror stories of Pulitzer Prize winning authors Amazon’s vastly important information about readers Deciding to publish your best ideas on your blog vs. your book Why Seth doesn’t have comments on his blog Giving up the goal of having everyone in the world like your stuff

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  9. Podcast: Take Control of the New Year with Michael Hyatt - Evernote Blog

    In the first episode of our new podcast, leadership mentor Michael Hyatt talks about resolutions, goals, and how to make 2017 your best year ever.

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  10. Podcast 48: The Questions We Must Ask For Intentional Living with Patrick Rhone | Ashton.Gustafson

    Patrick Rhone is an author, essayist, technology consultant, husband, and father living in Saint Paul, MN. His books and blog entries seek to make the world a better, friendlier, and stronger place. I first crossed paths with Patrick via his appearance in the the Netflix documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.  In this episode, Patrick gives…

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