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  1. Oliver Burkeman: What if I never change?

    In this episode I talk with writer Oliver Burkeman, author of the excellent new book Four Thousand Weeks, about time, personal growth, and accepting our own mortality.

    Among other topics, Oliver and I take a deep dive into the concept of what he calls “when-I-finally” mindset, which lures us into constantly pushing happiness and meaning out into an imagined future when we have “finally” achieved this or that goal.

    We also talk about how capitalism has taught us to use time instrumentally, the paradox of limitation, perfectionism, and writer’s block. It’s heady but practical stuff.

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  2. Stay Puft, Crypto Hamster! with Mary Roach - Bananas -

    Mary Roach (new book Fuzz out now!) chats with Kurt and Scotty about a crypto-currency trading hamster, how many s’mores you could make out of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, a miracle shark baby and lab grown woolly mammoths!

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  3. 298: Austin Kleon

    For show notes and transcript visit:

    If you’re enjoying the Cool Tools podcast, check out our paperback book Four Favorite Tools: Fantastic tools by 150 notable creators, available in both Color or B&W on Amazon:

    Our guest this week is Austin Kleon. Austin is the author of Steal Like an Artist, and other bestsellers about creativity. His books have been translated into dozens of languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two sons. The Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy collects all three of his books into one audiobook. You can find Austin on Twitter and Instagram @austinkleon.

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  4. 313 - How to Make Creative Rules When You Don’t Know What You Want with Austin Kleon — CREATIVE PEP TALK

    This was a super cathartic chat with creative powerhouse Austin Kleon.

    In this chat we dive into some really big questions around influences, what

    happens when your creative heroes disappoint you and how to find what you

    want to do by using the shortcut of defining what you’re against.

    If you don’t know Austin - he’s the author of several incredible books

    including Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work and Keep Going. I think of

    Kleon as my older cooler creative cousin, who’s much more well read than I

    am! HA!

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