[S10 E01] Economic Update: Capitalism & the Family: Myth VS Reality

[S10 E01] Capitalism & the Family: Myth VS Reality

THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps): 01:34 - Updates on Job Quality Index and its U.S. decline; 06:21 - French activism against President Macron’s effort to cut pensions; 10:17 - Gartman Letter urges investors to sell stocks in face of Trump’s policies deteriorating the economy; 11:43 - Obama’s purchase $11.5 million Martha’s Vineyard mansion; 12:50 - and Kansas City cuts public transport fares to zero; 14:16 - announcements; 15:23 - SPECIAL GUEST: Prof. Wolff interviews Dr. Harriet Fraad on myth VS reality of US capitalism and the family.

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