Richie Porte Interview - Part 01: Training

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  1. Cycling the Globe: Interview with Steven Fleming

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  2. Troika #3: Music for Cycling

    Episode three is all about music used in Rapha Cycling videos. See for more information

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  3. Troika #3: Music for Cycling

    Episode three is all about music used in Rapha Cycling videos. See for more information

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  4. Rachel Aldred on Cycling in London

    Research and policy change: the case of cycling in London

    Date and time: Thursday 2nd March, 16:15 – 17:45 Venue: COL 8.13, Columbia House Speaker: Dr Rachel Aldred, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster Abstract: Rachel will speak about how cycling policy in London was transformed following a sustained advocacy coalition that made its Mayor answerable for cycling deaths. After giving some context about the broader state of cycling and cycling policy across the UK, she will provide some insights on the change that took place in London, why it happened, and the role that research played within a coalition for change. This will include in particular a focus both on discourses of policy and advocacy, and the demographic inequalities in London cycling. Reflecting on the limits of this transformation and on current developments, she will conclude with suggestions for where London should go next, and what other parts of the UK can learn from London’s story.

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  5. “Drive to Work #8 - Cycling”

    "Drive to Work #8 - Cycling" Today’s podcast is about the nonevergreen mechanic that has appeared in the most sets - cycling.

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  6. Bicycling’s Pro Cycling Podcast: Stage 4 | Bicycling

    The second episode in Bicycling’s Pro Cycling Podcast dives into the thrilling first four stages of the 2015 Tour de France.

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  7. Doping Scandals Cast Pall Over Cycling Group’s Election : NPR

    Cycling’s international governing body, the UCI, will hold a presidential election in Florence, Italy, on Friday. It comes at a time when cycling is still trying to recover from the admissions of Lance Armstrong and the ever-present cloud of doping.

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  8. The Cycling Podcast - KM0 | La Course

    In this episode of Kilometre 0, Lionel Birnie heads out on to the pavé to witness one of the most dramatic Tour de France stages in years.

    The morning after the French national holiday and with France playing in the World Cup final later that evening there was a huge, enthusiastic crowd out on the roads.

    But for the riders it was a case of chaos, crashes and hoping for the best…

    The Cycling Podcast is supported Hansgrohe.

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  9. Cycling in New York City (part one)

    In the first of two shows devoted to cycling in the NYC, Jack Thurston takes to the streets of Manhattan on a sunny spring Sunday and meets cyclists and assorted Gotham oddballs.

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  10. The Peloton: October 20 - ABC Grandstand Sport (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Clint Wheeldon and Matt Keenan present the first episode of ABC Grandstands new weekly Cycling Show – The Peloton.This week, we hear from Scott Sunderland, chase down rising star Steph Morton and focus in on the Cycling Australia’s National Road Series.All that, and plenty more from the world of Cycling.

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