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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. RS097: Facing the worst to suffer the least - RogueStartups

    What are your biggest fears?  The things that hold you back from making any decisions at all, much less good decisions under pressure?

    Today Dave and Craig are talking through their thoughts from a Ted Talk from Tim Ferriss talking all about stoicism and his Fear Setting exercise.  If you have a big decision coming up in your life, or some general aprehension about the path forward in your business this might be an excellent thing for you to undertake.

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  2. RS096: Better Email Strategies with Mike Taber - RogueStartups

    Today Dave and Craig welcome back to the show Mike Taber from the popular bootstrapped founder podcast Startups For the Rest of Us.

    Mike is hot on the trail of the public launch of his cold email outreach tool, Bluetick and in this episode talks about a lot of the strategies and frameworks that he’s seeing working today in the world of cold email, warming up colder leads, and how to best convert them into paying customers.

    Mike, Dave, and Craig also talk about validating new startup ideas early, and with paying customers, and about how we all manage the balance of feature requests within our apps with the need to balance simplicity and core functionality in software.

    As Mike goes into the public launch of Bluetick he’s also going to be doing a 21 Days of a SaaS launch, in which he’ll be video blogging every day, right alongside a new brand of whiskey to accompany each episode.  To follow along with it head on over to


    Resources Mentioned

    Startups for the Rest of Us


    Seriously Simple Podcasting


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  3. Thoroughly Considered #27: Panobook - Relay FM

    Studio Neat have a brand new Kickstarter campaign!

    Talking about the design decisions around the "Panobook" notebook

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  4. Ross Brawn and Nick Fry: Royal Automobile Club talk show in association with Motor Sport

    The first in a new series – we look back at the 2008 and 2009 Formula 1 seasons when Honda pulled out of the sport. Ross Brawn and Nick Fry, after trying to find a buyer, decided to purchase the team themselves. What followed was one of the most remarkable seasons in Grand Prix history. Here is the full story.

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  5. Streaming Large Volumes of Data into SQL | DDD12 Developer Day 2017 | Channel 9

    Rik is joined by Dave Mateer to discuss his talk at DDD about streaming large volumes of data into SQL.

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  6. ‘Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard’ - Episode 56

    First broadcast 2017-06-04. In this episode, we talk about Pinboard’s acquisition of Delicious.

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  7. 40 Years of Thrill-power Festival: Growing Rebellion

    In February 2017, 2000 AD celebrated four decades of cutting edge comics at the 40 Years of Thrill-power Festival in London and we are proud to give you a front row seat for panels with some of the best creators in comics today…

    It’s been four decades since 2000 AD blazed into the Thrillosphere, but what does the future hold for Britain’s biggest comics export? Owners Jason and Chris Kingsley discuss how how they rescued this British institution and their plans for the next 40 years - including games, movies, and TV - while Head of Books and Comic Books, Ben Smith, talks about the recent acquisition of the massive Fleetway/IPC archive.

    Please note: this panel was recorded using hand-held microphones in front of a live audience so sound quality may be variable.

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  8. Podcast 124: Niche Site Beginner to Expert - How Nick Hasche Built a $10,000 a Month Site Portfolio - Niche Pursuits

    Today, I’m excited to bring you a guest interview with Nick Hasche, a niche website builder.

    Nick started building niche websites just a little bit over a year ago. He actually started right alongside Niche Site project 3.0, which is why I’m really excited about this interview because he learned how to build niche sites by following along with that project and implementing the things that I was teaching.

    Nick has taken what we taught and implemented some of his own unique angles as well. His portfolio of sites has reach revenues of $10,000 a month.

    If you’d like to hear how Nick has done that, go ahead and listen to the interview. We go through his entire process from keyword research, content creation, and of course, link building as well. He has some very unique strategies to consider. Overall, I hope you enjoy the interview.

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  9. Maintaining Legacy WordPress Websites — Draft podcast • Post Status

    In this episode, Brian and Joe discuss maintaining legacy WordPress websites, including how to decide between third party code vendors.

    Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle — the CTO of Human Made — and Brian Krogsgard.

    Brian and Joe discuss many of the factors that are a part of maintaining a website for the long term. They discuss it both in the sense of when you own the site (like Brian with Post Status), and when you are doing long-term client work (like Human Made with retainers).

    There are several things to consider, whether it’s in your own code, or the decisions you make on which third party developer’s tools to use.

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  10. 236: Care For Customer Support (Spencer Fry) | Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

    Ben is joined this week by Spencer Fry, founder of TypeFrag, Carbonmade, Uncover, and Coach, to discuss carryover lessons of successful startups.

    Upcase FormKeep TypeFrag Carbonmade Coach Why I Started Coach Being a Solo Founder Notation Capital Perseverance Pays Off Creativity, Inc. Spencer on Twitter

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