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  1. Tech Billionaires Think They’re Better Than You w/ Rob Larson

    Paris Marx is joined by Rob Larson to discuss how tech billionaires use philanthropy to massage their images, how they’re creating a world that leaves nearly everyone else worse off, and how we need to respond with an online socialism to bring tech platforms under worker control.Rob Larson is the…

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  2. From Sanders to Corbyn, how the Brocialist left costs us elections

    Today’s episode is a discussion with British journalist, author and Remainiacs podcast cohost Dorian Lynskey — the author of the new book, "The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of George Orwell’s 1984" — who joins us to talk about the parallels between Bernie Sanders’ race for the presidency and Jeremy Corbyn’s recent failed bid to become Britain’s prime minister. What can we do, if anything, to stop the socialist left from taking over our movements and relegating the left to permanent minority status?

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  3. Mark Thomas - RHLSTP #23

    Mark Thomas - The Disillusioning Illusionist - It’s time for a bit of politics, but that’s no reason not to discuss huge, ageing wrinkly ballbags, because tonight’s guest is that rarest of things (if you’re a journalist or a TV commissioner) a political comedian. It’s the delightfully subversive Mark Thomas. There are tales of working for the legendary Dave Allen, getting in the Guinness Book of Records, being spied on, heckling anti-abortionists, the funny side of funerals, opera-loving builders, gigging in a cattle market, trying to get trolls for all London bridges, how the police force deal with the spirit of Winston Churchill and bringing Ireland to the Apple store. You’ll also find out what prompted Mark to stop working for Channel 4 and how he lost his religion. And more proof that bronze is better than silver and gold.


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