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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. Redhill Micropreneurs Podcast - ep 1

    This is the first episode of the Redhill Micropreneurs podcast.

    The episode was produced by Brian Jenkins and features Wendy Ager (Get Better Coaching) and Simon Pither (Property and Tenant Manager).

    In this episode we talk about the Redhill Micropreneur events (co-working days and social evenings combined with Wendy’s Tweetups); we also talk a little about our backgrounds and getting started in business.

    We have a total of four episodes planned in this initial series, talking to and about micropreneurs in the Redhill and Reigate area. So make sure you subscribe (to the RSS feed or via your normal podcast service) to receive new episodes in the coming weeks.

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  2. JavaScript and the Web Platform - JavaScript Air

    Episode 048 of the live JavaScript broadcast podcast. JavaScript has changed the world. It has changed my life. This will be the last episode of JavaScript Air. Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and the guest on our first show, will join us to wrap up the show. Please join us for our grand finale.

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  3. Biohacking - freakatoms ep1

    A look at the world of DIY biology and the people who call themselves biohackers. Featuring interviews with Nicholas Ritzroy-Dale of London Biohackspace; Phillip Boeing, co-founder of the Bento Lab home DIYbio kit; and Dr Jack Stilgoe, lecturer in science policy at University College London.

    Music provided by onlymeith and Doxent Zsigmond.

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  4. How to Use Data Science To Create And Sell More Books | The Creative Penn

    Can we really combine creativity with algorithms to write better stories and sell more books? In today’s show, Chris Fox explains how we can.

    (Note: You might want to read some of his books before taking this as gospel.)

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  5. Sophie Wilson on Acorn, ARM, BASIC | Cross Cutting Concerns ep 12

    Podcast 012 - Sophie Wilson on Acorn, ARM, BASIC

    Sophie Wilson designed the Acorn Micro-Computer, the BBC BASIC programming language, and the ARM (Acorn RISC Machine) processor instruction set. Her engineering literally surrounds us every day. This is an extra-special edition of the Cross Cutting Concerns podcast! Once I got Sophie on the line, I didn’t want to hang up, so the episode is a bit longer than my normal episode length. Also, the recording was done over a regular phone line instead of a VoIP line, so you will notice that in Sophie’s audio.

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  6. Staying in Flow with Anders Thue Pedersen - UI Breakfast Podcast

    UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 18: Staying in Flow with Anders Thue Pedersen

    Published May 05, 2016 by Jane PortmanCategories: UI Breakfast Podcast

    It’s so tough to “get into the flow” these days — with social media, distractions, calls, and alerts. Anders Thue Pedersen, author of the famous TimeBlock method, joins us today to share his insights on productivity. We discuss the best ways of getting into the flow and staying there for significant amounts of time, while making the work process transparent for clients and teams.

    Podcast feed: subscribe to in your favorite podcast app.

    Show Notes

    TimeBlock — the productivity method (and related SaaS) developed by Anders

    Episode 204 | 9 Tactics for Aggressive Time Management (Startups for the Rest of Us)

    Deep Work — a great book by Cal Newport

    You Need a Budget — SaaS by Jesse Mecham that works “method first”

    Follow Anders Thue Pedersen on Twitter

    Drop Anders a line at

    The 1-Hour UI Audit: Get the Free CourseWith this free email course you’ll conduct a simple do-it-yourself audit of your web app: eliminate the obvious design flaws, gain control of your features, and start building the UI that customers really want.

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  7. Werewolf Loves Mermaid - Lightspeed Magazine

    Werewolf Loves Mermaid by Heather Lindsley, read by Harlan Ellison.


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  8. 37: Personal Sites | “Disappointment will spur them on”

    This episode we are supposed to be talking about personal websites… we don’t really. What we DO do (dodo! wahaha!) is go off-topic, then take an diversion from the off-topic which brings us neatly to an aside and the end of the show. Great. Please don’t leave us…

    Toolstar: I talk about Wordpress specific hosting and plug Manchester based 34SP ( Mark likes his new Siteground hosting and extolls some of its virtues (

    We have no Jukebox, we thought it was too long. I’m so sorry tears.

    Subscribe and keep in touch: - iTunes - - AudioBoom - - Stitcher - - SoundCloud - - Twitter - - Facebook -

    The music we use for various intro bits, stings and outro is ‘Vitreous Detachment’ by Origamibiro, used with kind permission.

    • Ben

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  9. Inside the darknet

    Etay Maor, a cyber-security advisor at IBM, talks to Olly Mann about the darknet, the shady underside to the web. The two look at what lives there, including automatic guns, marijuana and fake passports.

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  10. Gender in the New Freelance Economy

    Few people hold down one job for their entire career anymore. But how does the new nature of the "gig economy" affect women? Freelance writer and editor Sarah Grey explores that question in this essay featured in Bitch magazine’s Money issue.

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