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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. ALBERT SCHREINER MEGAPOD w/ COLE HENLEY - The Giant Pod with Andy Wrintmore | Acast

    Listen to ALBERT SCHREINER MEGAPOD w/ COLE HENLEY from The Giant Pod with Andy Wrintmore. Dive into The Giant Pod with Andy Wrintmore.Something a little different for this episode. Andy is joined by archaeologist, web designer, historian and graphic novelist Cole Henley. Cole & Andy do a deep dive on the life of Albert Schreiner, Cole’s Great Grandfather. Albert’s life is inherently woven into many of the major sociopolitical events of the 20th century, yet until now his historical significance has always been carpeted over.Rather than trimming it down to the usual episode length, we decided to put this out in full between S1 and S2. Enjoy it in one session, or it enjoy it over a few days. You won’t regret it.Life, love and loss are all covered in this episode, and all fuelled by Cole’s hoppy homebrew.FINDING ALBERT COMIC

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  2. Personal search engine with datasette and dogsheep - [Talk Python To Me Podcast Episode #299]

    In this episode, we’ll be discussing two powerful tools for data reporting and exploration: Datasette and Dogsheep.

    Datasette helps people take data of any shape or size, analyze and explore it, and publish it as an interactive website and accompanying API.

    Dogsheep is a collection of tools for personal analytics using SQLite and Datasette. Imagine a unified search engine for everything personal in your life such as twitter, photos, google docs, todoist, goodreads, and more, all in once place and outside of cloud companies.

    On this episode we talk with Simon Willison who created both of these projects. He’s also one of the co-creators of Django and we’ll discuss some early Django history!

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  3. Tech Billionaires Think They’re Better Than You w/ Rob Larson

    Paris Marx is joined by Rob Larson to discuss how tech billionaires use philanthropy to massage their images, how they’re creating a world that leaves nearly everyone else worse off, and how we need to respond with an online socialism to bring tech platforms under worker control.Rob Larson is the…

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  4. The Kollected Kode Vicious with George Neville-Neil (The Changelog #420) |> Changelog

    We’re joined by George Neville-Neil, aka Kode Vicious. Writing as Kode Vicious for ACMs Queue magazine, George Neville-Neil has spent the last 15+ years sharing incisive advice and fierce insights for everyone who codes, works with code, or works with coders. These columns have been among the most popular items publish…

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  5. 420- The Lost Cities of Geo - 99% Invisible

    Geocities was an online collection of metropolises, each with their own neighborhoods built around shared interests. The city metaphor helped make a whole new group of users understand the world wide web for the first time. At its peak, it was the third most popular destination on the internet, but it quickly fell out of fashion as the web became more commodified and professional. Before it shuttered, a few digital archivists scooped up as much data as possible before all that early internet experimentation could be deleted.

    The Lost Cities of Geo

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