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I'm a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. The Podcast Owner’s Manual | How to Get More People to Share Your Next Podcast Episode

    It feels good to pass on valuable advice, to change someone’s mind, or to spread an emotion, whether it’s unfettered joy or spine-tingling terror. We don’t share things because we like them – we share them because of what they say about us.So for those of us on a mission to make helpful podcasts,…

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  2. Making Sense with Sam Harris

    Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and five-time New York Times best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the mind, society, current events, moral philosophy, religion, and rationality—with an overarching focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live.

    Sam Harris speaks with Stuart Russell and Gary Marcus about recent developments in artificial intelligence and the long-term risks of producing artificial general intelligence (AGI). They discuss the limitations of Deep Learning, the surprising power of narrow AI, ChatGPT, a possible misinformation apocalypse, the problem of instantiating human values, the business model of the Internet, the meta-verse, digital provenance, using AI to control AI, the control problem, emergent goals, locking down core values, programming uncertainty about human values into AGI, the prospects of slowing or stopping AI progress, and other topics.

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  3. The Dyslexic Advantage interview with Ian Forrester

    Interview with Inspirational People, Ian Forrester

    The folks behind the Dyslexic Advantage were happy for me to share this interview and I will remind people (they never asked for this). The Dyslexic Advantage is a 501(c)3 charitable organisation that needs support.

    The interview is a in-depth discussion about my dyslexic journey from an early age to where I am now. Listening back to it, it sounds like I had it all planned out but honestly I didn’t. I did have a certain amount of foresight about where I wanted to be based on my experiences. There was certainly a lot of decisions about rebelling against the status-quo and finding my own trajectory forward.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Mon Dec 12 14:38:49 2022 Available for 30 days after download

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  4. StarShipSofa No 273 Jack Vance The Moon Moth Part 2

    Second half of "Moon Moth" story by Jack Vance within the StarShipSofa science fiction podcast

    Fact: Hugo Review Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Andy Tomaswick – 02:12

    Main Fiction: The Moon Moth Part 2 by Jack Vance – 07:10

    Promo: Rompod – 50:55

    Outro – 52:41

    Narrator: Josh Roseman

    Josh’s story Secret Santa” is up at the Dunesteef

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  5. StarShipSofa No 272 Jack Vance The Moon Moth Part 1

    First half of "Moon Moth" story by Jack Vance within the StarShipSofa science fiction podcast

    Jay Lake Fundraiser – 01:49

    Spider Robinson Sings the Beatles – 03:42

    Fact: Looking Back at Genre History by Amy H Sturgis – 08:52

    Main Fiction: The Moon Moth Part 1 by Jack Vance – 28:52

    Outro – 1:20:16

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  6. #017 Rosie Sherry | 10q Interview

    In this episode of 10q Interview I talk to Ministry of Testing and Rosie Land founder and all around hugely positive inspiration, Rosie Sherry!

    Rosie was a mind-blowingly great guest.

    Unsurprisingly, we talked a lot about her views on community, what they are, what they should be, starting and building them, maintaining a good one and why they're so incredibly important.

    We did talk about a fair bit of other stuff too, Rosie has quite an incredible life story that you probably had no idea about.

    She rarely attended senior school while growing up in Columbia, no real formal qualifications, no particular tech background but has built a pretty impressive tech company despite these challenges and discrimination in the sector.

    Most importantly, Rosie talks very openly about her recent diagnosis of autism and ADHD, how she found out and the concern of talking about it in public.

    If this topic is on your radar, you should definitely give it a listen, Rosie is open to discussing it with you if you have thoughts or questions.

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  7. An Evening with Nirvana Episode #17 - Cyriak Harris (Mouldy) by An Evening with Nirvana

    In this episode I talk to Cyriak Harris, known in the Doom community as  Mouldy. He's the creator of Going Down, The Eye, and the recently  released Overboard, as well as being a prominent animator for music  videos and his own personal Youtube channel.  

    We discuss Cyriak's penchant for micro detailing, how to make dynamic  encounter design, and we touch on his surreal animation style.

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  8. Investing in Profitable SAAS Businesses

    What's better than a high margin, recurring revenue business that's infinitely scalable? Not frikkin much.

    In this episode of #AltReports Radio I talk with Einar Vollset about investing in SAAS businesses.

    These are high margin businesses that startup and run with high margins, little to no equipment, enjoy recurring revenue, and they are sticky so customers pay month after month.

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  9. Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - PodPunkPodcast - PPP

    Welcome to episode 47 of the Pod Punk Podcast where this time I am very excited to say that I have been joined by the elegant, sophisticated, all round bloody good chap, Mr B .The Gentleman Rhymer Mr. B and I had a lovely chat about his career, his previous life as the rapper in brit pop legends Collapsed Lung, his various music projects, the invention of chap hop, his Twitch Stream, which you can follow at, how Nirvana at Reading 92 was alright and how Public Enemy blew them away, weird performances like the time he performed for a Saudi Sheik, touring the world, punk rock, hip hop and loads loads more! Mr B. the Gentleman Rhymer is by far one of my favourite acts and after speaking to him, can confirm he’s the nicest chap ever! You can support Mr B. by following him on social media @gentlemanrhymer on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course buy his music at and look out for his tour this December around the UK!

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