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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. Episode 14 - How a European can reach FI in the UK | The Escape Artist | Financial Independence Europe

    Today we talk to the one and only Barney, aka The Escape Artist! We discuss Barney’s personal FI journey, the best way to manage your investments and how a European can reach FI in the UK. What we talk about: Barney’s personal FI journey and strategy How to keep your investing simple How to set up your portfolio against FX risks How a European arriving in the UK should take advantage of the UK banking system

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  2. How Zach Zorn bought, grew, and flipped a site for $40k profit in less than 5 months

    In today’s podcast episode, I was able to sit down with Zach Zorn from and discuss a recent buy and flip that he found on What I love about Zach’s story is that he’s been a long time…

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  3. The human cost of Amazon Prime day: Podcast 379 | WIRED UK

    On the WIRED UK podcast this week: loon balloons, we go inside the ghost town of the alt-right web and take a look at the human cost of Amazon Prime day.

    These are the stories we discussed this week…

    Facebook and Google’s race to connect the world is heating up

    The wheels are falling off the alt-right’s version of the internet

    Amazon Prime Day created a surge in health and safety complaints from exhausted workers

    Music by Filip Hnizdo

    Show produced and edited by James Temperton

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  4. #449 Bringing Your Brand to Life with Words: Interview with Al Robertson - SiteVisibility

    Learn all about bringing your brand to life with words with Al Robertson on the Internet Marketing Podcast. Listen to the show here.

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  5. Going Offline: Service Workers with Jeremy Keith

    We have special guest Jeremy Keith from ClearLeft to discuss Service Workers: what they are, how users can benefit from them, and how we implement them. Jeremy authored the book “Going Offline” which goes into glorious detail on the subject, so he’s well positioned to discuss the topic.

    We talk about how using a Service Worker can beneficially impact the user experience by allowing your website to still function despite spotty or no Internet connection at all. We also delve into many practical applications of the technology.

    We discuss how in-browser technologies like Service Workers allow websites to act more like “apps”, how Service Workers are installed, and how they are like a virus, a toolbox, and a duckbilled platypus at once.

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  6. Crash Landing Episode 6 -€“ Al Robertson — GSN PODCAST

    Welcome to Crash Landing. This episode Steve speaks to SF writer Al Robertson. He is the author of Crashing Heaven and Waking Hell, both currently available from Gollancz. Al has just 60 minutes to tell Steve about the 5 books that he couldn’t live without if he were going to crash land on a new world and why the are so important.


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  7. Originality #20: Creating a Fake World People Can Believe In - Relay FM

    In this episode, Tempest, Aleen, and guest Grace Fong explore how artists tell stories, how they add to existing stories, why mind palaces are important, and how travel contributes to it all.

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  8. Ungeniused #57: Left vs. Right-Hand Traffic - Relay FM

    Why we drive on the side of the road we do, and why others do the opposite.

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  9. Free Agents #49: Panting to the Finish Line - Relay FM

    Family members with employment issues remind Jason about just how far he’s come; David grapples with letting go of control and working with an assistant; and Jason hands in his resignation and participates in an "exit interview" with David.

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  10. Raison d’être - Developer Elliot Taylor — Being Freelance WITH Steve Folland

    Elliot doesn’t shy away from making a change in his life. After a string of non-coding jobs, he self-taught himself WordPress and became a freelance developer. From that he built up a successful agency - Raison.

    But when fatherhood beckoned he stripped back the pressure of being a boss to freelance once more. More flexibility, more time for his family, more ability to be a specialist. And plenty more to hear about too…

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