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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. Enter the Matrix with Matthew Hodgson (technical co-founder) (The Changelog #384) |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    Matthew Hodgson (technical co-founder) joined us to talk about Matrix - an open source project and open standard for secure, decentralized, real-time communication. It’s open source, it’s decentralized, it’s end-to-end-encrypted, and it’s also self-sovereign. Matrix also provides a bridge feature to bridge existing pla…

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  2. From Sanders to Corbyn, how the Brocialist left costs us elections

    Today’s episode is a discussion with British journalist, author and Remainiacs podcast cohost Dorian Lynskey — the author of the new book, "The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of George Orwell’s 1984" — who joins us to talk about the parallels between Bernie Sanders’ race for the presidency and Jeremy Corbyn’s recent failed bid to become Britain’s prime minister. What can we do, if anything, to stop the socialist left from taking over our movements and relegating the left to permanent minority status?

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  3. Walter Jon Williams - bloginhood: Invaders From Planet 3 - Ep 36

    Author Walter Jon Williams joins us in this episode! We talk about his first loves in science fiction, including Heinlein’s Have Spacesuit — Will Travel and John Schealer’s Zip-Zip Goes to Venus. And Walter tells us about his evolution as a writer: from feeling the compulsion to write at age 3, to getting a rejection letter from the editor of The New Yorker, to writing historical fiction novels, to getting into sf. He also reflects on the nature of his compulsion to write, including finding a balance between the business needs of writing and the compulsion, and eventually watching the compulsion die.

    We also talk about the universe of science fiction publishing, and the change from the days of limited selection to today’s huge output of stories, and the challenges of maintaining a sense of what the community is talking about. We discuss Walter’s time in the spotlight in the 1980s when his cyberpunk novel Hardwired garnered love and hate. And he shares the story of his involvement in the Wild Cards mosaic superhero novels, including his coining of "toaster" as a derogatory term for androids.

    And Walter shares some details from his two newest novels, Quillifer the Knight (published in late 2019), and the latest, as-yet-untitled Praxis novel, due later this year.

    Our conversation took place in the impromptu studio of bloginhood in the Dublin convention centre last summer at Worldcon 2019.

    To learn more about Walter and his novels, visit his website:

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  4. Inside Libraries at Christmas ᛫ Liverpool & Crawley | VINTAGE BOOKS on acast

    Books discussed:

    Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout

    Lowborn by Kerry Hudson

    The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstein

    This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay

    Expectation by Anna Hope

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  5. #128: Neuroscience, the Customer Experience, and the Data Therein with Diana Lucaci - The Digital Analytics Power Hour: Data and Analytics Podcast


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  6. Ep. 26, Live Music is Awful w/ Connor Southard

    Connor Southard puts the con in contrarian offering the most contrarian opinion we’ve yet had on Contrarian Court - live music ain’t no good. full stop.

    Judge Gladstone presiding.

    Full episode for patrons at

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  7. The Story of my Brother’s Suicide - ZenFounder Episode 220

    In honor of mental health awareness day, Sherry tells the story of her brother’s suicide 5 months ago. In an intensely personal episode, she talks about the isolation that this type of loss can cause, the struggle to maintain her business during this season of disruption, and trying to grapple with her own mental health …

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  8. Django Co-Creator - Simon Willison - Django Chat Podcast

    Simon Willison is a co-creator of Django and currently works at Eventbrite. We discuss the early days of Django, the founding of Lanyrd, and his ongoing work with Datasette to make it easier to publish and explore data online.

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  9. Amy Screams at Software v2 - 8 Toxic Twitter Design Patterns, Bonus Mastodon

    8 design reasons why Twitter has become toxic, and a bonus discussion: is Mastodon the cure?

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  10. Beyond The Grid - Robert Kubica: “I wanted to improve as a driver… but I paid too high a price”

    He was regarded as one of the greatest drivers of his generation - and then he was struck down in his prime.

    On this week’s episode of Beyond The Grid, presented by Bose, Tom Clarkson speaks to …

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