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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. Marina Nitze: “If You Googled ‘Business Efficiency Consultant,’ I Was the Only Result.” - Freakonomics

    At 27— and without a college degree — she was named chief technology officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Today, Marina Nitze is trying to reform the foster care system. She tells Steve how she hacked the V.A.’s bureaucracy, opens up about her struggle with Type 1 diabetes, and explains how she was building websites for soap opera stars when she was just 12 years old.

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  2. How Dave Bought 18+ Website Businesses & Replaced His Income with Dave Rodenbaugh - Buying Online Businesses Ep 175

    Running an ecommerce business looks so simple, not until you have tried it YOURSELF!

    The reality is most start-ups STRUGGLE TO MAKE SALES and don’t know how to structure their marketing process properly.

    In this exciting episode, Dave Rodenbaugh comes to the BOB podcast to share his insights about the ecom world.

    Dave is the founder of, an abandoned cart and SMS/email marketing service for WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and more. Founded in 2015, Recapture has processed over 2.0 billion in gross merchant volume (GMV) and recovered over $200,000,000 for stores worldwide.

    He’s also the co-host of the RogueStartups podcast and the WP Minute Ecommerce show. He now works exclusively on ecommerce and has a passion for making merchants of all kinds more successful with their stores.

    We have discussed who should buy an online business & who shouldn’t? What type of questions to ask during due diligence?

    We have also talked about what his biggest win was in buying business. How he built his empire over the last 11 years and how you can learn from his mistakes?

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  3. Marina Hyde on the Conservative leadership race – Politics Weekly UK | podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    The Conservative leadership race is in full swing. It’s been a week of awkward campaign videos, dirty tricks and wild promises on taxation. The Guardian’s Marina Hyde joins John Harris and Rafael Behr to talk through the weird and wonderful in the contest so far

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  4. On the Edge with Andrew Gold - 142. Fesshole: The man who knows all your secrets on Stitcher

    Rob is a comedian apparently affectionately known as the Ginger Führer, and he was the founder of website Beta, spelt B3ta, which dates back to 2001 and has all sorts of mad, crazy internet humour.  Rob Manuel links: Andrew Gold links:

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  5. ‘A market driven by neckbeard anarcho-capitalists’: The world of NFTs - Citywire: The WealthTech Show

    The money being spent on NFTs is ludicrous. But when you think about it, what’s new? Artist Eric Drass joins The WealthTech Show to discuss parallels between the physical and digital worlds, and what’s driving the demand for non-fungible tokens.

    Eric tells us about the NFTs that he’s created and sold, and the dubious ethics involved in using certain cryptocurrencies for the transaction. This is an open and lively chat about a confusing new trend, and an unexpected reflection on the relationship between art and capitalism.

    Brought to you by Citywire of Citywire: The WealthTech Show

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