Free Agents #48: Lousy With the Stink of Freedom, with Merlin Mann - Relay FM

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  1. 167: “Lawyer Up” With David Sparks - Business Attorney

    Recorded August 2, 2016TOPICS:

    This week, Command Control Power welcome David Sparks, business attorney to discuss the importance of running your IT practice with proper legal documentation. David Sparks is an Orange County, California business attorney and a geek. David is a podcaster, blogger, and author of MacSparky Field Guides who writes about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done. David also writes for Macworld Magazine and is a professional speaker on technology.

    You can listen to David’s podcast on the Relay.FM Network-Mac Power Users - his new show with Jason Snell -  Free Agents - can find David Sparks on the internet at his website - http://macsparky.comand on Twitter @macsparky

    For professional legal business, David can be contacted at Sparks Law   

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  2. Incomparable Radio Theater | Jumpin’ Jupiter! (Episode 1.1)

    Written by David J. Loehr

    Directed by Serenity Caldwell

    Produced and edited by Jason Snell

    Original music by Christopher Breen


    Philip Michaels as your announcer

    David J. Loehr as Paul Citron

    Moises Chiullan as O. Leo Leahy


    Andy Ihnatko as Announcer

    Monty Ashley as Scoutmaster Greene

    Steve Lutz as Timmy Preston

    Jason Snell as JCN 3000

    Julian Snell as Guildenstern

    Jamie Snell as Didi

    Tiffany Arment as Lady

    Moises Chiullan as Scoutmaster Songh

    Myke Hurley as Joachim

    Carina Lutz as Gogo

    WHO SHOT MERLIN?: “All’s Fair in Love and Murder”

    Philip Mozolak as Announcer

    Merlin Mann as Merlin

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