Greatest Song Ever – The Train Kept a-Rollin’ – RPM

If there’s one thing music nerds love to do, it’s make lists and pontificate about the best and worst of the art form called rock ‘n’ roll. Whether it’s a music magazine compiling a ludicrous list of “greatest” punk albums, a radio station counting down the same predictable classic rock anthems or just you and your friends turning the local pub into a swirling vortex of absurdity with your precious nerdiness, absolute statements about art are as fun as they are pointless. Art discussion is one of the only forums where two diametrically opposed viewpoints can both be valid. You could certainly never make a blanket statement that one specific song was the all-time greatest, because there are no set rules.

“The Train Kept a-Rollin’ is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll song of all time”

Join music historian Jeff Nolan as he completely disregards the notion of subjective art and lays out his theory that “The Train Kept a-Rollin'” is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll song of all time. Disagree? State your case in the comments section.


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