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  1. Thin Culture and Stories |

    I believe the thinness of geek culture is a major player in many of the ills of the trade. It is sociotechnical in impact, simultaneously affecting areas as seemingly distant & distinct as the "social" gender diversity and the "technical" iterative design. Last night, I enjoyed Virginia doing a hilarious profane rant about an incoherent technical manual she’d used that day. We’re not talking about jargon or domain ignorance, but of flat-out incoherence: bad sentences, contradictory advice, poor case discrimination, nonsense. I remarked to her that, in geek circles, writers are routinely regarded as, at best, second-class citizens. I spun…

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  2. The Stack Overflow Podcast - Episode #125: ‘Tilde Club’ and Mechanical Keyboards - Stack Overflow Blog

    We talk Tilde Club and bitcoin spam, then go deep on mechanical keyboards with Cassidy Williams.

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  3. The Cars- Candy O 40th Anniversary- Ric Ocasek, Greg Hawkes | In The Studio with Redbeard

    By the July 4th 1979 holiday, a scant fourteen months after The Cars‘ debut album had surprised all but a handful of early adopters around their Boston assembly line, all eyes and ears were trained upon the quintet’s next model, Candy O.  The consensus that The Cars’ debut was one of the strongest first efforts …

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  4. Cheap Trick- Dream Police 40th Anniversary- Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander | In The Studio with Redbeard

    Rick Nielsen & Robin Zander In the Studio on Cheap Trick’s 40th anniversary of "The Dream Police".


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  5. Ep 1 - Why should we treat process like a design problem?

    John and Tareq discuss process. How they can be rigid or flexible depending on the shape of work and how they should be treated as a design problem.

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  6. Bruce Foxton From The Jam Podcast Interview | The Strange Brew

    Podcast interview with Bruce Foxton From The Jam on The Jam’s 4th studio album ‘Setting Sons’ and recent collaborations with Paul Weller, From The Jam UK tour

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  7. Inside Remote Episode 4: Matt Wondra on building new tools for distributed teams

    Matt Wondra shares with us story on how Happy Tools was born and how tools they are building help remote teams operate more efficiently.

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  8. Conversations with Tyler: Neal Stephenson on Depictions of Reality

    If you want to speculate on the development of tech, no one has a better brain to pick than Neal Stephenson. Across more than a dozen books, he’s created vast story worlds driven by futuristic technologies that have both prophesied and even provoked real-world progress in crypto, social networks, and the creation of the web itself. Though Stephenson insists he’s more often wrong than right, his technical sharpness has even led to a half-joking suggestion that he might be Satoshi Nakamoto, the shadowy creator of bitcoin. His latest novel, Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, involves a more literal sort of brain-picking, exploring what might happen when digitized brains can find a second existence in a virtual afterlife.

    So what’s the implicit theology of a simulated world? Might we be living in one, and does it even matter? Stephenson joins Tyler to discuss the book and more, including the future of physical surveillance, how clothing will evolve, the kind of freedom you could expect on a Mars colony, whether today’s media fragmentation is trending us towards dystopia, why the Apollo moon landings were communism’s greatest triumph, whether we’re in a permanent secular innovation starvation, Leibniz as a philosopher, Dickens and Heinlein as writers, and what storytelling has to do with giving good driving directions.

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  9. Devo’s Freedom Of Choice with Al Yankovic - Campfire Media - Campfire Media

    Creating and curating conversations you want to hear and stories you want to share.

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  10. Acquired | Netflix (Part 2)

    Every company has a story. Acquired goes behind the scenes of the biggest tech IPOs and acquisitions of all time. Hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal.

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