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  1. Ezra Marcus, James Walsh Recalls Origins of Larry Ray Exposé

    Some four years ago, a reporter learned from fellow Sarah Lawrence College alumni about a "troubling" website about an ex-student there. The website, whose address had been in the student's name, looked like an attempt to blackmail her with written and taped false confessions.

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  2. The Lydian Spin: Episode 130 Rat Bastard

    Rat Bastard is the major instigator of the Miami noise scene. He is a purported to be a member of not only the legendary , but also a member of TLSLA ,3,4 & 5. For decades, Rat has also recorded and booked bands in Miami. In his home studio, he's recorded everyone from Marilyn Manson to Blowfly.

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  3. HTTP 203: Is Safari the new IE?

    In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about:  

    HTTP 203 on memory debugging →   Box-sizing →   IE5.5 box model →   Tim Perry's article →   IE double margin bug →   IE duplicate characters bug →   Dave Rupert's article →   PROXX →   Weird emails from browser testing services →  

      Catch videos from the HTTP 203 series →   Subscribe to Google Chrome Developers →

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  4. Cracking The Cryptic - The Podcast - Episode 2

    This is the second episode of our podcast! Let us know what you think …

    Cracking the Cryptic and Peter C. Hayward discuss how to solve a sudoku! Where to start, why it’s fun, what to look for, and the most controversial topic in sudoku: what exactly is bifurcation?

    Some notes from the show: •Ken Endo’s brilliant Castle Wall is the second puzzle solved in this video: •Cracking the Cryptic interviewed TanTan in February: •Peter got a recording of his meeting with John Cleese: •The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks: •If you’re new to Sudoku, these are some CTC recommendations: •Or check out Peter’s 1-2 star difficulty puzzles:

    This episode was sponsored by Night Crew. Listen to the podcast at And support the kickstarter here if you'd like to hear more!

    This is where you can reserve the best sudoku book of all time:


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