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  1. Thick Skin with Jeff Ross: The Endless Wisdom of Bob Saget

    Bob Saget is a good pal and one of the wisest men I know.  He came by the bunker to talk about his new film, “Benjamin” as well as his epic appearance as Abe Lincoln on my new Netflix show “Historical Roasts”.  Bob also dropped some hilarious stories about his friendship with my idol Rodney Dangerfield.    “Touchy Subjects” include the recent abortion ban in Alabama plus “Roast In Peace” tributes to Doris Day and Tim Conway. Life is hard. Let’s get through it together.   Make sure to send us your feedback to and visit our new online store and follow us on instagram @thickskinwithjeffross @therealjeffreyross @eddietunes @bobsaget Additional material: Ed Larson, Kevin Schini

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  2. Thick Skin with Jeff Ross: Larry Charles And His Dangerous World of Comedy

    I was thrilled to have a sweet and funny guy – and one of the creative forces behind “Borat”, “Seinfeld”, and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” over for a chat about his new Netflix documentary series “Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy”.   It’s a terrifying project that chronicles Larry’s search for levity in warzones and dictatorships.  Cousin Ed and I also tackled some “Touchy Subjects” such as the new Michael Jackson documentary and Stormy Daniels’ attempt at stand-up comedy. We also feature a “Roast in Peace” tribute to beloved actor Luke Perry. Make sure to leave us comments and thoughts to or check us out on Instagram @therealjeffryross @eddietunes @larrycharles @kevinschini      Additional material:  Ed Larson  Kevin Schini

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  3. Stacking Fiefdoms with Joel Salatin. Creating Multiple Complementary Businesses Under the Umbrella of an Exisiting Business. (PVP089) – Diego Footer’s Permaculture Voices

    The whole idea is to create customized fiefdoms so that people are autonomous and have the authority to run their own fiefdom within your own umbrella, and you can’t believe how many things you can get done that way.

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  4. The Day the Dinosaurs Died | The New Yorker

    Douglas Preston on the young paleontologist who may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on Earth.

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  5. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #186: Tantek Çelik—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web

    Legendary computer scientist, web standards pioneer, and indie-web proponent Tantek Çelik is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.

    The secret history of standards in our web browsers. How web standards moved from academic ideas that sometimes couldn’t even be implemented to the foundation of our modern web. The rift between standards-oriented, CSS-and-accessibility-loving web developers and those who rely on powerful and sophisticated toolchains: can it be bridged?

    The Flash years and today. Indieweb tools and the independent web community: what it’s about and how to get started. Readers versus social readers. Taking back privacy and the ownership of our content.

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  6. 352: Caching, Service Workers, and Javascript with Scott Jehl - ShopTalk

    Scott Jehl is our guest and we’re talking about accessibility, jQuery history, progressive enhancement in modern javascript, critical CSS, service workers, maintenance of a server, and other fun stuff.

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    Rick’s Records is a eclectic music podcast that draws from host Rick Boucher’s 30 years as a working musician and all the musical influences that have shaped his career.

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  8. Managing Application Secrets with Brian Kelly - Episode 181 - The Python Podcast

    Summary Any application that communicates with other systems or services will at some point require a credential or sensitive piece of information to opera

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  9. 347: Jason Miller and PreactJS - ShopTalk

    Jason Miller stops by to chat about the world of performant JavaScript, the future of PreactJS, and lettings tools do the code golfing for you.

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  10. the great UnSung - Episode 14: IF is not the word

    This week, Alison interviews Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls. Robby & John Rznezik formed their iconic punk/rock/pop band in 1985 and they’ve sustained an incredibly successful career ever s…

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