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  1. Virtual Domain-driven design: [Panel] Design better products with real cross-functional teams - Jutta & Maryse

    Too many products have been developed that serve one kind of client only. The reason is that the composition of the teams leads (subconsciously) to the development of products that serve only people that resemble the people in the team. One “famous” example is the soap dispenser that only works if your skin is white. If teams are really cross-functional and are resembling the diversity of the market, the products they’re creating are also better. Thus, if the whole team has the full business expertise, knows the market, reflects the full diversity of the clients, then it can even disrupt the market and isn’t waiting for some person (e.g. the Product Owner) to decide on priorities. With this real cross-functionality, the team can fully understand the company’s business and has a holistic view of it, knowing its contribution to the company’s value stream. Join us in a Panel dialogue with Jutta Eckstein and Maryse Meinen about that real cross-functional teams are an essential building block for implementing company-wide agility and the organization benefits by creating better and in a way more real products and by having more options when entering the war of talent.

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  2. Virtual Domain-driven design: TDD as a design tool with Dave Farley

    There has been a lot of fuzz around the topic of test-driven development; some find it useful; some don’t see any value in it. You also have different flavours like Detroit being inside-out, or London going from the outside-in. And then you have people saying TDD is about testing or is it a design tool? In this session, we will talk with Dave Farley about all these topics, and especially how to use TDD as a design tool. Dave Farley is well known in the software community, especially being the co-author of the continuous delivery book. He is also a firm believer that Test-driven development is one of the core principles to do proper continuous delivery.

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  3. Robbie Gennet: Inspiration Through Tragedy - A Songwriter’s Perspective

    In this episode, I’m talking to Robbie Gennet (singer/songwriter/musician/journalist/teacher/artist) about finding inspiration in tragedy. From losing his home in the California fires to COVID-19 changing the music industry again, he’s had to adapt. Bu

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  4. Hiring Is Not Hazing

    Why are manhole covers round? How many golf balls can fit in a 747? Why are job interviews so terrible? In this episode, Aja Hammerly, a developer advocate at Google, talks about the drawbacks of common tech interview techniques like whiteboard coding and trivia questions, and shares her tips for improving the process by making it about discovering the candidate’s best qualities.

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