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  1. Iron Man

    Welcome to 2019 and to Blank Check: Special Features! In our first premium episode, #thetwofriends and Producer Ben begin their commentary series on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008’s Iron Man. But what is the "Big Nice"? What is the nickname for our Patreon listeners? Where were the boys living in 2008? Watch with us to find out!

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  2. 298 – Unlikely Avengers | Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

    In which the moments of X-Universe are better than the whole; the code name “Dirigible” carries some inherent risks; Tony Stark is often more interesting without Iron Man; Clint Barton is no James Rhodes; there is somehow a Matt Murdock who makes even worse choices than the one from Earth-616; nobody should ever trust Mikhail Rasputin; and the baby’s name really doesn’t matter.

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  3. #29 - Tony the Tiger’s Dimly-Lit Bedroom

    A mystery from the depths of the Aqutic Ruin Zone nopes out as soon as it’s yepped in, Mark Millar straps a bomb to a man to a toilet, Tails goes "durr", and something presumably happens in Pirate STC. ON THE AMEEEE-GER! Also we have a small therapy session about the boys who were mean to us.

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  4. #28 - Sonic Was Further Tortured

    White shorts on a Spurs kit, Dennis? It’s the FINAL PART of Sonic Terminator, and the first part of something very strange called Pirate STC. Plus: Footie kits, a footie kid in 3D and a feetie kid in need.

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  5. MBMBaM Gives Holiday Advice on Bullseye

    Want to hear more? Subscribe to Bullseye now via Apple Podcasts:

    The brothers from the Maximum Fun produced advice show and podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me field some questions from listeners, and give some holiday advice. If you need more from the McElroy’s check out their television series of the same name on streaming service VRV.

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  6. The Troubled State of HBO’s Dramatic Slate, Game of Thrones Season 6 Premier, and Better Call Saul

    A jam-packed episode featuring Joe Adalian on the uncertain future of HBO’s "Vinyl," and what that says about the networks current approach to drama; Nate Jones on the season 6 premier of "Game of Thrones;" and Alan Sepinwall in conversation with Matt Zoller Seitz about the enduring fascination of the antihero and the recently-concluded second season of "Better Call Saul."

    SPOILERS: Game of Thrones: 13:30-25:52 Better Call Saul: 26:13-41:27

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  7. The Dork Forest: TDF EP 50 – Michelle McNamara

    My guest is Michelle McNamara. A woman who loves to work on an unsolved crime. She has a website and talks regularly with police to figure it all out. Regularly. To Police. Again, I know almost nothing. And you can listen to the ice in our drinks too. Enjoy.



    Angela’s Holgram Machine on Bones – is wrong.

    Many of these cases, I can’t find. Go to her website.

    Goleta Cemetary (I think she has a pro account J)

    JonBenet Ramsey Pineapple

    RDI (Ramsey Did It), IDI(Intruder Did It), BDI (Burke Did It)

    Atticus  - To Kill a Mockingbird

    JonBenet Ransom Note – handwritten,  but this is text.


    Zodiac – Neal Stephenson book (it’s good)


    Ted Bundy

    DNA Federal Database – the other side?


    Forensic Testing and YOU!

    Casey 911 Call – I admit, I didn’t listen to the whole thing.Jeffry Dahmer

    Andrea Yates

    Sudden Terror (book on EAR ONS)

    In Cold Blood

    Patton Oswalt – Michelle’s husband.


    My website has a player, standup schedule and videos, merch page (CD/T-shirt opportunities) and the donation button: or


    The iPhone App, Android Apps are available. Stitcher is no longer available. If you hate the $2 spent on the app, I’ll give you $2 off a CD or T-shirt at a show. Or e me.

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  8. A Podcast About Terrible Books, Movies, and TV

    About The Show

    Read it and Weep is a good podcast about bad books, movies, and TV. Tune in every week when three friends and a guest chew up something terrible and spit out something funny. We suffer so you don’t have to!

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    Look Who’s TalkingAmy Heckerling


    Boxing HelenaJennifer Lynch


    EnduranceDiscovery Kids


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    We have an awesome newsletter where our hosts take turns telling you what’s going on behind the scenes of the show and sharing the stuff we’re listening to/reading/watching outside the Read it and Weep universe. Plus we share the best submissions from our listeners. It’s really fun.The mailing list is also the only place to find out when sponsorships open up, so you need to be on it anyway.!/episode.php/look-whos-talking

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