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  1. Identity and Faithful Anti-Racism

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    Faithful Anti-Racism Leadership Development Cohorts

    The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship invites individuals and organizations to participate in an online, month-long, facilitator-led cohort in which participants reflect on their cultural context and develop context-specific ways of promoting cross-cultural learning and faithful anti-racism initiatives.

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    Words to the Church from Another Time of Pandemic and Racism

    The Rev. Francis Grimké’s thoughts from over a century ago are just as relevant during our current COVID-19 crisis and ongoing pleas for racial justice.

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    Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship.

    May God give us grace and strength to resist lies, arrogance, injustice, racism, and oppression in all forms. In worship, we are called to confess sin, to lament brokenness, and to pray for the end of these travesties, even as we are called to preach and celebrate sacramentally the gospel of Jesus Christ—in which power is made perfect in weakness, in which each person and culture is cherished as God’s gift, in which our hope is based on the life, death, resurrection, and continuing ministry of our ascended Lord, Jesus Christ. We long for a seamless connection between faithful public worship and vital Christian witness in every sector of society and in every cultural context.

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  2. The Incomparable | Whale Logistics Movie (Episode 437)

    In this holiday season, what could be more emblematic of the spirit of Peace on Earth (of the past) and Goodwill toward men (who aren’t whalers or aquarium directors) than 1986’s “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”? We celebrate “the one with the whales”, an enjoyable romp through 1980s San Francisco that also features a soundtrack that sounds like a Christmas carol, nuclear wessels with terrible security practices, and Admiral Kirk’s to-go pizza box.

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