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  1. Mac Power Users #528: The Merlin Awakens - Relay FM

    MPU Hall of Famer Merlin Mann returns to discuss using plain text, home automation, the Apple TV and more.

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  2. Meet Joshua Cohen, Apple University’s resident philosopher (podcast) | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

    A rare peek into the black hole where some of academia’s best and brightest disappear to make a dent in the universe.

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  3. Episode 114: Craig Federighi: The AppStories Interview – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John are in San Jose attending WWDC where Federico sat down with Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering to talk about Apple’s new developer tools like Catalyst and SwiftUI, as well as iPadOS.

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  4. How to Get a Job in the Clean Energy Economy | Greentech Media

    This week on The Interchange podcast: We become accidental career counselors.

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  5. 026 - How to Get Advanced Patreon Analytics with Graphtreon | Creative Funding Show

    Tom Boruta (Baruta) is a Software Engineer who created Graphtreon because he wanted to follow the progress of Patreon creators. Questions: For our listeners who did not listen to episode 4, what is Graphtreon? Why are analytics so important? What is new about the new system?   Links: Graphtreon


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  6. The Stalman Podcast Episode 44: The Business of Internetting, with Stephen Hackett

    The rise & fall of blogging and running a business online.

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  7. The Stalman Podcast Episode 41: Ceiling of Effort, with Marco Arment & Casey Liss

    Marco and Casey are successful podcasters but have an itch to create videos.

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  8. Episode 75: I Set Up a Fake Child – AppStories

    John is joined by Merlin Mann to discuss managing family tech use and the upcoming iOS 12 Screen Time family features.

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  9. How a Solar Bromance Cracked the Code for Commercial Solar | Greentech Media

    How did Wunder Capital and New Columbia Solar close $7 million in small commercial solar projects in one year?

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  10. Episode 65: An Interview with Marco Arment and David Smith – AppStories

    Federico and John interview Marco Arment, the creator or Instapaper and Overcast and David Smith who has many apps including health and fitness apps such as Pedometer++, Workouts++, Activity++, and Sleep++ about building sustainable businesses over the past decade of the App Store.

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