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  1. Episode 75: I Set Up a Fake Child – AppStories

    John is joined by Merlin Mann to discuss managing family tech use and the upcoming iOS 12 Screen Time family features.

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  2. How a Solar Bromance Cracked the Code for Commercial Solar | Greentech Media

    How did Wunder Capital and New Columbia Solar close $7 million in small commercial solar projects in one year?

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  3. Episode 65: An Interview with Marco Arment and David Smith – AppStories

    Federico and John interview Marco Arment, the creator or Instapaper and Overcast and David Smith who has many apps including health and fitness apps such as Pedometer++, Workouts++, Activity++, and Sleep++ about building sustainable businesses over the past decade of the App Store.

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  4. Enter the Adventure Zone

    Dungeon Master for The Adventure Zone podcast, Griffin McElroy shares his D&D origin story, and professes his love of fifth edition.

    Subscribe to the Official D&D Podcast on iTunes to get updates for new episodes. Shelly, Greg and Trevor are always talking to creative Dungeons & Dragons players like comedians and TV writers Mike Drucker (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) and Jared Logan (The Late Late Show with James Corden), as well as professional game masters Griffin McElroy (The Adventure Zone) and Matt Mercer (Critical Role) and actors like Rainn Wilson (The Office). Subscribe here!

    Enter the Adventure Zone




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  5. TAZN 2

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  6. TAZ 2015

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  7. Creative Funding Show: Graphtreon

    Tom Boruta is a Software Engineer who created Graphtreon because he wanted to follow the progress of Patreon creators. In this episode, we talk about how to use Graphtreon to track your Patreon’s progress.


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  8. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson & The Go! Team | Maximum Fun

    Show: Bullseye

    Guests: Rian Johnson, Ian Parton, Nkechi Ka Egenamba aka Ninja

    Director Rian Johnson on ‘The Last Jedi’ and working with Carrie Fisher on her last film

    The force is strong with this week’s guest! Writer and director of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," Rian Johnson joins us in the studio to talk about making the blockbuster and putting himself in the head of characters like Luke Skywalker to write a compelling story.

    Rian Johnson first broke through as a writer and director with 2005’s "Brick." It’s kind of a Coen brothers inspired film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film is set in an Orange County suburb, and it’s sort of a neo-noir where most of the main characters are high school students. The tone of the film is eerie and dark, the dialogue is quick and snappy, and most important of all — it’s a great detective story.

    Before "Brick," he was an editor for the creepy cult film "May," released in 2002. Other writing and directing credits include the sci-fi thriller "Looper," and the heist film comedy "The Brothers Bloom." He also directed a few of the most memorable Breaking Bad episodes.

    When Rian sat down with Jesse they spoke extensively about "The Last Jedi." Including what it was like working with Carrie Fisher on her last film, how he received the offer to direct "The Last Jedi,"

    and why he thought it was important that "Star Wars" be funny.

    This segment will include some spoilers to the film, but honestly, if you haven’t seen "The Last Jedi" by now you are practically asking for spoilers. You have been warned!

    Photo via Flickr Creative Commons:Kmeron

    Ian Parton & Ninja of The Go! Team on their new album ‘Semicircle’

    Jesse talks with Ian Parton and Ninja of The Go! Team. They’re the band that made the Bullseye theme song —

    "Huddle Formation."

    Formed in the year 2000 in Brighton, England, the band’s basically the brainchild of Ian Parton. He recorded a lot of the band’s first record in his parent’s kitchen and released it as "Thunder, Lightning, Strike." A classic Go! Team track has a lot of influences: hip hop, marching band music, noise rock, 70s soul. A lot of the songs are sample based but they still sound live and fresh. One of Ian’s longest running collaborators is the MC Ninja, born Nkechi Ka Egenamba. She’s sung and rapped on every Go! Team record.

    Ian tells Jesse about his creative process, and what it was like writing the smash hit "Roudou Sanka" by Japanese pop group Momoiro Clover Z. Ninja discusses what it was like when she first heard The Go! Team, and how she brings the music to life on stage.

    The Go! Team will be touring this Spring, and their new album "Semicircle" will be released on January 19. For more information visit their website.

    The Outshot: Sylvester

    Finally, for this week’s Outshot: singer-songwriter Sylvester. Jesse tells us about the life of a disco, rhythm and blues, and soul singer with a fabulous stage presence. "Mighty Real" was Sylvester’s signature hit. The song was about

    authenticity. It’s hard to imagine him bringing anything but realness.

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  9. Ron Funches’s “F*ck Linda” Neck Tattoo

    Jesse David Fox sits down with Ron Funches to discuss his “f*ck Linda” joke, which he wrote towards the beginning of his stand-up career — and later told on Conan. They talk about the art of cursing, the stigma of laughing at your own jokes, and his evolution as a comedian.


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  10. 5by5 | Killing Time #1: Broken Bones

    4,3,2,1…Haddie and Dan are back! Welcome to the premier episode of Killing Time! We talk about music, movies, and where we think this show will go.

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