You Made It Weird #226: Inside Pete’s Brain with Dr. Tim Royer of Neurocore « Nerdist

Interesting. It would have been a fun segment on your TV show. Just want to say that there were a lot of pseudoscience.

There is no such thing as left-brain/right-brain. We use our entire brain all the time. You can’t just use left hand to activate your right brain. But it can be beneficial to train any muscle you’ve neglected, and learning new skills always leads to new neuronal growth.

Another major mistake is about the brain using 75% of energy. That can’t be possible. An average man needs 2000 kcal a day, that would means the brain use 1500 kcal while each pound of the rest of the body use only 3 kcal a day. It’s a general rule of thumb that each pound of body use 10-15 kcal a day. But I can see the idea. The brain weighs only about 3 pounds, but use about 20% of body’s energy – 10 times the rest of the body. It’s incredibly expensive organ biologically.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can do wonders for many people, but I’m not sure if seeing your brainwaves is necessary. No one is entirely sure about meaning of brainwaves.

I have not been able to find any peer-reviewed research from Royer or this type of therapy. I would be skeptical. The truth is that people feel better when they get more attention from care provider. Their patients’ improvements can very well be placebo effect. Besides, their patients are self-selected group that already believe in these things, which foster more placebo effect.