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  1. Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari - V is for Virus: Part One | Legalise Freedom

    Examining some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story about so-called COVID-19 and the heavy-handed government response to it.

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  2. Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari - V is for Virus: Part Two | Legalise Freedom

    Beyond government propaganda, media manipulation, and the deadliest pandemic of all – fear - the Coronavirus Key lies hidden in the depths of the human psyche.

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  3. Frank Furedi - Coronavirus Crisis: Pandemic of Fear | Legalise Freedom

    COVID-19 is a disaster without precedent. Not primarily in terms of the disease itself, but in how we have responded to it with panic and draconian measures.

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  4. Jasun Horsley - Through the Coronavirus Kaleidoscope | Legalise Freedom

    The speed with which we have embraced swingeing restrictions on personal freedom suggests that we are witnessing social engineering on an unprecedented scale.

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  5. Dmitry Orlov - Shrinking the Technosphere | Legalise Freedom

    The endgame of the Technosphere is total domination. The outcome will be total destruction. But can humanity take back control before digital Armageddon dawns?

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