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  1. The Metronome as a Memory Aid | StudyBass

    One of the metronome’s most important uses is not for developing better rhythm, but for helping you memorize things better and faster. In this post I explain how the metronome helps you memorize the many, many things you need to memorize as a musician. It’s one of the most beneficial practice tips I teach my students. Try it and you’ll see serious gains when trying to memorize scales, arpeggios, songs and everything else in music.

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    Your teacher, Andrew Pouska, has taught hundreds of private students for 25 years and created StudyBass in 2003 (before YouTube!). StudyBass is a free resource for bass players. Get free bass lessons, tools for bass players, gear articles, and more at

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  2. David Ditchfield - From Near Death to New Life | Legalise Freedom

    A near-death experience (NDE) is a profound psychological event that may occur to a person close to death or in extreme physical or emotional crisis.

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  3. Royce Christyn - The Science and Psychology of Positive Thinking | Legalise Freedom

    Royce Christyn discusses how a deeper understanding of science and psychology can aid positive thinking and manifesting practices.

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  4. Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari - V is for Virus: Part One | Legalise Freedom

    Examining some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story about so-called COVID-19 and the heavy-handed government response to it.

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