Introduction to Modern Product Discovery - Teresa Torres

Teresa Torres’ keynote on “An Introduction to Modern Product Discovery Practices” took place on the final day of the Productized Conference 2016. The keynote was designed to explain to the audience some of the changes that have been seen in the last 5 years in the world of Product Management. Teresa spoke about how to understand the latest trends in the field and additionally how to pick-and-choose these methods to form a coherent strategy that ultimately lead to a better product. —- ✔About Productized Masterclasses

The Productized Masterclasses are 2 days of hands-on masterclasses and insightful keynote speakers. On 27 & 28 May you’ll enjoy 4 masterclasses of your choice, get practical tips, and network with your peers.Come and meet Kandis O’Brien, Radhika Dutt, Ken Sandy, or Daniel Zacarias, among many others and get ready to be inspired to learn more about Enterprise Product and Consumer Product!

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