Mark Boulton: A New Canon at New Adventures In Web Design

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  1. Jeremy chatting with Owen, Paul, and Mark

    Jeremy Keith chatting with Owen Gregory, Paul Lloyd, and Mark Boulton at the Responsive Day Out in Brighton on March 1st.

    The Responsive Day Out is an affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.

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  2. Mark Boulton on design

    Mark Boulton recently spoke via Skype to my User-Centered Interface Design class at The Art Institute of Atlanta on the principles of design as they apply to the web, and his experience in the industry.


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  3. SmashingConf San Francisco 2016 - Mark Boulton

    Gone are the days of knowing what our content is, where and when it’s being displayed, and what our users might be doing at the time. We’re all designing systems now. Modular bits and pieces designed to fit together flawlessly and responsively whenever the user needs it. Or are we happy designing in abstraction without getting our hands dirty with the real problems of web design: People problems, technology problems, content problems. Mark has been working in large scale publishing design systems for a decade or so, and in this talk, he will walk through the challenging design systems he’s been involved with.

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  4. Drupal Voices 06: Mark Boulton on Drupal 7 User Experience & redesign

    Acquia has contracted out Mark Boulton and Leisa Reichelt to do a major overhaul on the user experience of Drupal 7. Instead of small incremental usability improvements, they are taking a look the bigger picture problems and will be proposing some broad and sweeping changes.

    I had the chance to interview Mark at Drupalcon when they were just getting starting with the process. And if you haven't already noticed from the Drupal Planet feed, they have been doing all sorts of different crowdsourced activities with the Drupal community to brainstorm on feedback and gather input on tone, branding and wireframes. You can follow their latest progress at:

    Mark first talks about the redesign of, and then about overhauling the user experience of Drupal 7.

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