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  1. Reckoning with Donald Trump: Betsy Reed, Jeremy Scahill & Glenn Greenwald

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  2. Chillin Island w/ Heems - March 10th, 2015

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  3. Episode 53: Putting Trump in the White House, Playing Andrew Bird in the O.R. - The New Yorker

    A panel discussion of the hypothetical first term of President Trump, from the 2016 New Yorker festival, and Atul Gawande talks with Andrew Bird.

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  4. The Web Platform Podcast : 111 Extensible Web Components

    A weekly show that dives deep into all things web from the developers building the platform today.

    Jeremy Keith (@adactio), web guru & co-founder of ClearLeft, talks with us about the potential pitfalls and hopes on Progressive Enhancement with Web Components.

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  5. Three Moves Ahead – Offworld Trading Company

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  6. Three Moves Ahead – Civilization at 25

    March 17, 2016 In this very special Three Moves Ahead, Rob is joined by Civilization designers Jon Shafer and Soren Johnson to talk about Civilization. The venerable strategy series turns 25 this year, and Rob already took the one joke I had about how it can now rent a car. Oh well. Jon and Soren give their takes on the other entries in the series and give some insight into their design decisions for Civ IV and V.

    Civilization 1, Civilization 2, Civilization 3, Civilization 4, Civilization 5, Civilization 6 j/k lol

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  7. Designer Notes – Davey Wreden

    © 2012 The Idle Thumbs Limited Liability Company, San Francisco, California. All Rights Reserved. This advertisement should not be construed as financial, legal, ethical, medical, or existential advice. Please consult your doctor before playing or developing video games. Idle Thumbs LLC is not responsible for video game-related illnesses, maladies, or frustrations, excepting acts of God. Direct all complaints and enquiries to J. Allard. Read our privacy policy in People Magazine.

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  8. Modular Design — Responsive Web Design

    Imagine you’re embarking on a CMS replatforming and website redesign. Ethan and Karen explain how a modular design process that puts content modeling and design patterns first will help you.

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  9. Longform Podcast #189: Maciej Ceglowski

    Maciej Ceglowski is the founder of Pinboard. He writes at Idle Words.“My natural contrarianism makes me want to see if I can do something long-term in an industry where everything either changes until it’s unrecognizable or gets sold or collapses. I like the idea of things on the web being persistent. And more basically, I reject this idea that everything has to be on a really short time scale just because it involves technology. We’ve had these computers around for a while now. It’s time we start treating them like everything else in our lives, where it kind of lives on the same time scale that we do and doesn’t completely fall off the end of the world every three or four years.”Thanks to MailChimp, Audible, and Casper, and MIT Press for sponsoring this week’s episode.

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  10. 4′33″ Good Bad Show

    Is John Cage’s 4′33″ an objectively good or bad piece of art?

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