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  1. Rich DeMuro Takeover: Leo Laporte

    This week, Rich DeMuro (Rich on Tech podcast) takes over for Jason Ball while he’s out of the office. Rich interviews podcasting pioneer Leo Laporte, founder of podcast network and host of nationally syndicated radio show “The Tech Guy.” Leo talks about how he got his start in broadcasting, his original idea to call podcasts “netcasts,” and how the landscape for radio has changed. Leo also holds nothing back when sharing some of the more challenging experiences he’s had in the industry throughout the years.

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  2. Friends in Your Ears | Anže Tomić and David Sparks (Episode 25)

    This fortnight, Kathy is joined by Anže Tomić and David Sparks to talk about their podcast history, the shows they make and the ones they love to listen to. There is also talk about miniature golf and donuts, like you do.

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  3. The Dalrymple Report: Episode 41: With special guest Shawn Blanc

    This week I'm joined by Shawn Blanc, who has built a business through blogging, setting up speciality web sites, and designing courses for people to purchase. He is a really interesting guy and has some valuable opinions on efficiency in your life.   Links: The Sweet Setup Tools & Toys

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  4. Pod Save America takes Austin

    Health care lies dominate the Sunday shows, and Congress's biggest racist strikes again. Then, Congressman Seth Moulton joins Jon, Jon and Tommy to talk about the future of the Democratic Party.

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