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  1. So Speed Is A Feature, Right? - with Ilya Grigorik | The Breaking Development Podcast | Fresh Squeezed Mobile brought you by Breaking Development

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.


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  2. Draft Episode 04: Daniel Burka on Empathy | Unmatched Style

    Our mission is to provide inspiration, motivation and insight into how you design the web. Draft Episode 04: Daniel Burka on Empathy


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  3. 5by5 | The Web Ahead #7: Jonathan Stark on Mobile

    5by5 - The Web Ahead #7: Jonathan Stark on Mobile


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  4. SitePoint Podcast #113: HTML5 & CSS3 For the Real World with Alexis Goldstein and Estelle Weyl

    Episode 113 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) talks with Alexis Goldstein (@alexisgoldstein) and Estelle Weyl (@aestellevw) about their views on using HTML 5 and CSS3 and the role of these technologies in the future of web design, after the release of their book, written with Louis Lazaris, HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World.


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  5. Cameron Adams – WebDirections 2009 Keynote: Making Waves

    "… Session description If you work on the web, it was hard to miss the announcement of Google Wave in May. It was especially exciting because this project, designed to leapfrog current modes of online communication, was developed right here in Australia by a Sydney based team. Wave’s interface designer - Web Directions favourite, Cameron Adams - will give us some unique insights into the challenges of bringing such an innovative product to fruition, the problems you face in designing a desktop application in the browser, and how to nurture a startup culture inside a large company. Cameron has given some truly memorable presentations at previous Web Directions - this keynote drawing from his experiences as part of the Google Wave team will be no exception." http://www.webdirections.org/resources/cameron-adams-keynote-making-waves/

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  6. Zeldman & Marcotte {41} Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition

    "Recorded and streamed LIVE! on October 29th, Episode 41 is CreativeXpert’s inagural live show. We were truly blessed to have the ‘High Z’ himself—Jeffery Zeldman and the only ‘Unstoppablerobotninja’ we know, Ethan Marcotte join us to discuss Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition.

    To bring an interactive twist to the event, we were also joined by the creator of the Design Community Twitter Hours (@DCTH), Chad Engle with some questions from the DCTH community."


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  7. Jason Santa Maria on Read Between The Leading

    This week on the show we were joined by web and graphic designer Jason Santa Maria. We got a chance to talk to Jason about his work at Happy Cog, his personal work, projects like the Wordpress admin, the differences in designing for print and web, and we got to ask him some listener questions.


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  8. SxSW2009; Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong

    Just as early filmmakers struggled to break free from the conventions of live theater, after 10+ years Web designers are still trapped in the structures of the past. Forget pages, linear text and other archaic vestiges of design’s print ancestry; the separation of content from presentation has already changed everything.

    Dan Willis, Sapient

    From http://sxsw.com/interactive/news/videos_and_podcasts/more?page=11

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  9. SxSW2009; Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

    Find inspiration in the ridiculous. See technological quirks as opportunities. Try something previously unheard of with your site design. Laugh in the face of convention. Use and abuse CSS in ways never before imagined. Get away with it. And if it doesn’t work, try something else instead.

    Paul Annett, Clearleft Ltd

    From http://sxsw.com/interactive/news/videos_and_podcasts/more?page=10

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  10. SxSW2009; Even Faster Web Sites

    Steve is the author of High Performance Web Sites and the creator of YSlow, the Firebug extension. Now working at Google, Steve discusses the next set of best practices he’s developed, including advanced techniques for loading JavaScript, where not to place inline scripts, and the importance of using multiple domains to improve web performance.

    Steve Souders, Google

    Slides at SlideShare

    From http://sxsw.com/interactive/news/videos_and_podcasts/more?page=9

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