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  1. Science Movie Club: ‘Contact’

    Yes, there actually are astronomers looking for intelligent life in space. The 1997 film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’ got a lot of things right … and a few things wrong. Radio astronomer Summer Ash, an education specialist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, breaks down the science in the film.


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  2. The Blarney Pilgrims Traditional Irish Music Podcast Episode 50: Ciaran Kelly (Accordion and Melodeon)

    Ciaran Kelly on accordions, melodeons, the push draw and The Pure Drop; Portrush sessions at the Harbour Bar, Ballycastle sessions at The House of McDonnell. The snug. Athlone. The borderlands of Fermanagh, Coleraine and Ceili House.


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  3. How the telegraph and the lightbulb can teach us to think critically about future inventions | CBC Radio

    In her new book, The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another, materials scientist and author Ainissa Ramirez chronicles eight life-changing inventions, and the inventors behind them.


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  4. Ada Palmer on Pandemics, Progress, History, Teleology and the Singularity

    The problem with teleological narratives is that they make us ignore the fact that change is often made by people who didn’t intend that change to happen…


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  5. GGG#359: Ian McEwan | Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy - Science Fiction Writer Interviews, Movie Reviews, Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi Books and Writing

    Ian McEwan joins us to discuss his new novel Machines Like Me.


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  6. GGG#393: Watchmen TV Show Review | Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy - Science Fiction Writer Interviews, Movie Reviews, Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi Books and Writing

    Anthony Ha, Tobias S. Buckell, and Lara Elena Donnelly join us to discuss the new HBO series Watchmen, based on the classic graphic novel written by Alan Moore.



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  7. GGG#395: The Mandalorian Season 1 Review | Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy - Science Fiction Writer Interviews, Movie Reviews, Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi Books and Writing

    Erin Lindsey, Rajan Khanna, and Matthew Kressel join us to discuss the new Star Wars TV show The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau.


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  8. #161 Brian vs. Brian | Reply All

    Just for fun, a guy and his friends record a Christmas song in his living room. More than three years later, he walks into a grocery store and hears that song playing. Alex investigates. 


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  9. The Blarney Pilgrims Irish Music Podcast Episode 49: Ewen Baker (Fiddle)

    J. S. Bach and Kerry Slides; St Anne’s Reel and The Bushwhackers; collaboration and individualism; coming to terms with our own imperfections but still getting stuff done. And this: ‘When you’re playing with other people…and you get that feeling that is above and beyond life, in a sense. Where you just go, this is why I exist. This is as happy as this bunch of cells can be, right now, on this planet.’


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  10. The Cataclysm Sentence | Radiolab | WNYC Studios

    What’s the one thing you’d pass on if we all disappeared tomorrow?



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