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  1. Special: One on One with a Hacker - ShopTalk

    Special: One on One with a Hacker

    March 24th, 2014     00:55:43

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    His fake name is “Earl Drudge”, an anagram of “Drug Dealer”. In early March 2014, he used some social engineering techniques and fake US federal documents to be granted full access to Chris’ servers. After missing the opportunity and a failed retaliation attempt, he posted sensitive personal information of Chris’ onto a site where not only can it never be removed, if it’s attempted to be removed becomes promoted.

    He agreed to talk with Chris directly and have it recorded for this show.

    We realize that this crosses the line of “feeding the trolls” or giving attention to “bad guys”, but we feel it relevant for our industry. Our lives and work are completely online and we’re all highly susceptible to types of hacks and identity theft. It should go without saying that you should not try to be a hero here: if you visit EarlDrudge’s site(s), try to expose his identity, or try to snoop around on him, you might actually put yourself in a position where you yourself might be vulnerable to being attacked. We advise you to simply listen.

    Update since the recording (from Chris): I was able to talk with Media Temple directly only hours after this conversation. One good end result is that they have changed their policy of how/when/what documents can be approved in which to grant access and who can do that. The retaliation attempt (“honeypot”) was verified to have been done by Media Temple. They were trying to catch the bad guy for me, and while I wish there was better communication about that, it’s nice to know they were trying to fight back on my behalf.

    Special: One on One with a Hacker [ 55:43 ] Download


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  2. Generational 028 - Jonathan Poritsky and Markup Languages

    This week Gabe is joined by Jonathan Poritsky and the new Generational co-host Erik Hess. Together they discuss using Fountain to write screenplays with plain-text markup and explore the foundations of CriticMarkup.

    Show Notes

    Candler Blog


    Stu Maschwitz

    Pro Lost


    Brett Terpstra and Fountain

    Martin Vilcans

    John August

    Final Draft


    Movie Magic Screenwriter

    Marked App



    Screenplay Font

    Courier Prime

    John August Fountain Announcement

    Fountain for Vim

    Fountain for Sublime Text

    TextMate 2

    Oliver Taylor


    Glassboard for Fountain

    Copy Editing Syntax

    Daedalus Touch

    Ulysses 3 Dev Blog


    iA Writer

    Day One (MAS)

    Justnotes (MAS)

    Metanota Pro (MAS)


    OmniFocus Mail Drop


    Favorite Things

    Alfred 2



    Cobook for Mac (MAS)

    Cobook iOS


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    Generational 028 - Jonathan Poritsky and Markup Languages


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  3. So Speed Is A Feature, Right? - with Ilya Grigorik | The Breaking Development Podcast | Fresh Squeezed Mobile brought you by Breaking Development

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.


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  4. Draft Episode 04: Daniel Burka on Empathy | Unmatched Style

    Our mission is to provide inspiration, motivation and insight into how you design the web. Draft Episode 04: Daniel Burka on Empathy


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  5. SitePoint Podcast #113: HTML5 & CSS3 For the Real World with Alexis Goldstein and Estelle Weyl

    Episode 113 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) talks with Alexis Goldstein (@alexisgoldstein) and Estelle Weyl (@aestellevw) about their views on using HTML 5 and CSS3 and the role of these technologies in the future of web design, after the release of their book, written with Louis Lazaris, HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World.


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  6. MacTalk Podcast at Webstock 2011 - Michael Lopp & John Gruber

    n the latest instalment of our Webstock series of podcasts, Pete talked to John Gruber (Daring Fireball) & Michael Lopp (Rands in Repose, plus a few books). They discussed things like the demise of the XServe and what that means for Apple in the enterprise, plans for the new iPad, MobileMe, the work culture at Cupertino, John’s secret sources and because Peter just can’t let it go, the iPhone Nano.

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