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  1. Devnology Podcast 011 - Interview with David Anderson

    Devnology heeft als doel de community van software ontwikkelaars in Nederland te voorzien in mogelijkheden om vakkennis en ervaring op te doen en uit te wisselen. Ze wil een brugfunctie vervullen tussen de theorie en praktijk van software ontwikkeling.


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  2. Herding Code 102: Tim Caswell on Node.js


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  3. Deep Fried Bytes Episode 35: Why Comments Are Evil and Pair Programming With Corey Haines

    In this episode Keith and Woody sit down with friend and traveling developer Corey Haines. Here’s a question, how many times have you written comments in your code? Probably a lot! In this show Corey gives some valid reasons why developers shouldn’t have comments in their code (with a few exceptions). The guys also discuss pair programming, what it is, how it is done, and the benefits of doing it.

    From: http://deepfriedbytes.com/podcast/episode-35-why-comments-are-evil-and-pair-programming-with-corey-haines/

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  4. Programmers Are the New Creatives

    Programming has long been the domain of logic and order, but with the ubiquity of programming languages in our lives and the growth in tools to help you code, there has come a newfound ability for self-expression and creativity through code.

    Cameron Adams will be exploring the creative aspects of coding and how it relates to design and art. With a focus on visual and interactive design, Cameron will look at the many ways in which you can stay creative with code of all sorts — JavaScript, Processing (Java), HTML, CSS, ActionScript, even BASIC — and put the fun back into the technologies you work with everyday.


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  5. Dmitry Baranovskiy – Canvas

    Since the earliest days of the web, perhaps the single biggest missing piece of functionality has been a standards based, browser native way for developers to do 2D (and 3D) rendering. Now, the Canvas element, supported in all contemporary browsers other than Internet Explorer, and part of the HTML5 specification, provides these capabilities, and is being widely adopted in cutting edge websites and applications.

    In this session, JavaScript ninja Dmitry Baranovskiy takes us into the heart and soul of Canvas, looking at what it does well, and not so well, how well it is supported, and how to use it in cross browser compatible ways. Developers with a good grasp of JavaScript will be able to add another dimension to their web solutions based on what they learn in this session.

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  6. Version Control: No More Save As…

    No longer something just big companies do, version control can be just as useful for small teams and even one-man bands. This panel will discuss what tools are available, differing approaches to controversial topics like branching, and whether to use hosted or in-house.

    Matt Mullenweg, Automattic / WordPress

    Karen Nguyen, Yahoo!

    Zach Nies, Rally Software Development

    Joe Pezzillo, joepezzillo.com

    Derek Scruggs, SurveyGizmo

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  7. Test-Driven Development and Design Patterns

    Last month, in my conversation with Scott Bain on Impediments to TDD, I wanted to explore how he was incorporating TDD and Design Patterns, two areas of particular expertise for Scott. That is the topic of today’s conversation.

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  8. The Art of Unit Testing with Roy Osherove

    In this show recorded in Norway, Roy Osherove educates Scott on best practices in Unit Testing techniques and the Art of Unit Testing.

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  9. Things Every Programmer Should Know

    Kevlin Henney, editor/author of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, discusses the book and the programming process. He talks about how he compiled the essays for the book and lists some of the items he found most surprising and thought provoking. He also assesses the issues related to programmer training, including some of the things not taught in school.

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  10. Hanselminutes Podcast 165 - Working Effectively with Legacy Code with Michael Feathers

    My one-hundred-and-sixty-fifth podcast is up. Scott’s in Norway this week and he sits down with Michael Feathers. Michael is the author of "Working Effectively with Legacy Code." What is legacy code? Are you writing legacy code right now?

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