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  1. Decoding The Science Behind The Best Tasting Bone Broth On The Face Of The Planet.

    There’s much more to bone broth than meets the eye.

    Take the bones for example. Killer bones make killer bone broth, but not all bones are created equal. Knuckle, patella, femur, and feet bones actually make the best broth, because these bones have been proven to contain the highest concentration of white and red stem-cell marrow, as well as the highest levels of collagen – one of the major benefits of drinking bone broth.

    The ingredients matter too. For example, you can achieve one of the most nourishing bone broths on the face of the planet when you combine marrow bones like those listed above (from pasture raised, grass-fed cows) with organic carrots, organic onions, organic celery, organic bay leaves, organic parsley, apple cider vinegar, a pinch of black peppercorn, sea salt, thyme and rosemary extract.

    Bone broth packaging matters too. Most bone broth companies aren’t USDA approved and require their bone broth to be frozen. This makes shipping a hassle (not to mention expensive!) makes the bone broth hard to store, and requires the heavy addition of preservatives, nasty additives and extra sodium or worse yet, packaging that is chock full of pathogens and germs.

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  2. Is It Possible To Be Extremely Active and Eat A Low Carbohydrate Diet?

    In today’s interview, I speak with a surgeon, engineer and relentless self-experimenter, Dr. Peter Attia (pictured above as he swims across the Catalina Channel), about whether it is possibly to be extremely active and eat a low carbohydrate diet.

    If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to keep yourself in a “ketogenic”, low carbohydrate state and still swim, bike, run, lift and do other extreme sports and activities, then this audio will answer all your questions

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  3. The Ultimate Guide To Combining Fasting and Exercise: Everything You Need To Know

    Every once in a while he mysteriously pops up on a forum or Facebook thread I’m following, and talks about just having killed some ultra-race out in the middle of nowhere, or completed an epic mountain run…

    …on nothing but a bit of butter or coconut oil the day before.

    He’s doing some crazy workouts in a fasted state, and yet managing to pull off amazing feats of physical performance.

    And furthermore, he’s not a diet hack – the dude actually knows his stuff – with a degree in Chemistry (BSc) and a Masters (MSc) in Sports Nutrition. He works with professional cyclists, triathletes, distance runners and last year worked as Sports Nutritionist to the BMC Professional Cycling Team. Yes, that BMC Professional Cycling Team.

    Like I mentioned, Barry is also a competitive endurance athlete himself and races in ultramarathon events. He represented his country at the 2011 World Ultra Trail Championships, and has won several ultra trail marathons, placed 2nd at one of the UK’s toughest 100mile ultras, and has also set national records for trail routes over the Dublin mountains.

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  4. Brad Pilon on Intermittent Fasting, Mindful Eating, and Why Chocolate is Great (The Greatist Podcast) | Greatist

    Greatist sits down with Brad Pilon, one of the world's foremost experts on intermittent fasting, to discuss the benefits of short-term fasts, why we shouldn't obsess over calories, and the surprising reasons zen philosophy has a place in health and fitness. Listen right here on Greatist.com!


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  5. Episode 065 — Julius and Even More Task Management — Nerds on Draft

    Gabe and Jeff add to their evergreen discussion about what it takes to tackle task management these days. In what amounts to a "part two" of their discussion of 2Do and Taskpaper, this touches on some of the topics missed in the first go around as well as gives them to chance to drink a fantastic IPA sent in from a listener, fellow beer aficionado and TapCellar user (he has very good taste).

    The Tree House Brewing Julius proves to be one hell of a tasty beer and one of the best IPAs around.

    Julius by Tree House Brewing


    Show Links

    NOD Episode 60: 2Do and Agave IPA

    2Do for iOS (App Store)

    2Do for Mac (App Store)

    Taskmator for iOS (App Store)

    TaskPaper for Mac

    Omnifocus for iOS (App Store)

    Omnifocus for Mac (App Store)


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